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Fans In Jeddah Are Captivated By Japanese Singer Halca

Japanese singer Halca captivated the audience at the Anime Village zone in Jeddah's City Walk on Thursday, delivering a mesmerizing performance of her most popular tracks. The singer made her debut in Jeddah, dressed in a checkered long-sleeved outfit complemented by vibrant accessories and eye-catching nail polish. She had two adorable untidy buns in her hair that were embellished with fun hairpins.

Halca told Arab News that she was happy to be returning to Saudi Arabia for her second tour, especially after getting comments from followers on Twitter and Instagram expressing their eagerness to meet her and attend her performances once more.

Halca had already travelled to the Kingdom for the previous Riyadh Season, where she gave her first Saudi audience a performance. Though her time in Riyadh had been "friendly and sweet," she was unsure of how she would be treated in Jeddah.

Halca was thrilled to see the variety of her fandom in Jeddah, which included cosplayers, kids, teens, and adults. She thanked the audience for holding up their phones to take recordings of her performance and acknowledged how much she appreciated their support. After reaching Jeddah and settling in at her hotel on Wednesday, Halca happily visited the Red Sea Mall, a place she was excited to revisit. Surprisingly, her fans warmly welcomed her when they saw her shopping and exploring City Walk. They recognized her, called out her name, and expressed their excitement for her upcoming concert.

Halca shared her wish to explore Jeddah's beaches and have her first-ever experience entering a mosque. Additionally, she disclosed her previous disappointment in not finding a suitable perfume during her last visit to Saudi Arabia. This time, she sought recommendations from her fans on social media and purchased five perfumes to capture the essence of Saudi Arabia's scents and aromas.

After her delightful experiences in the Kingdom, Halca expressed her hope to visit and perform frequently in both Riyadh and Jeddah. Overwhelmed with joy, she stated, "I hold onto the memory of every fan who greeted me, anyone who talked to me, sent me a message. I also want to take these beautiful feelings and memories to Japan and share with everyone there how wonderful the Kingdom and its people are, in the hope that it will strengthen the relationship between the two countries."

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