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7 Weird Fashion Hacks That We Are Obsessed With

Fashion and style are every-changing, and so are we. We’re always searching for ways to transform our looks or solve our daily little blips with our outfits. Lucky for us, the TikTok community is always there to catch us when we fall. From transforming a top to a completely different one, to cleaning tips for clothing, here are our best kept secrets.

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1. Spraying hairspray on white tops to avoid stains.

We saw this once on TikTok, and it has changed our lives since then. Long gone are the days where our white shirts are stained with foundation.

@emmanoodlee White tshirt tip #outfittip #hairspraytrick original sound -
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2. Putting hair ties on arms to keep your sleeves up.

If you want that scrunched up look on your blazer or jacket, just use your regular hair tie. It will change an outfit in seconds, and you’ll be hassle free for the night.

@hersimplesole Hair tie hack for sleeves A very simple way to hold sleeves up without having to fold or constantly push them up. Elastics are from @gimme beauty and they work wonders. Another quick tip for fellow petites - showing some arm will prevent a piece from looking like it’s overtaking you! I love this hack and I will never wear my blazers without incorporating it again. I know others have also applied this hack to the sleeves of coats. Check the link in my bio or my @shopltk account for outfit details #stylehacks #howtostyle #stylingtips #wardrobeessentials #blazerstyle #smartcasualwear #intentionalstyle #stylehacksforwomen original sound - Sharon
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3. Changing the style of your cardigan into a different look.

You buy one items and get two outfits from it!

@thanyaw_ Replying to @Melanie Aces - dkj
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4. Tying your shirt so that it sits perfectly.

When attempting to tie your shirt, sometimes the knot just doesn’t sit right, or is too bulky. We’ve all suffered from this, and we know how annoying it can be. This is the best tutorial we’ve found yet.

@willworkforfashion FASHION HACK #fashionhacks #stylehacks #fashiontiktok #fyp #styletip No Child Left Behind - Yelbaf
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5. Layering multiple necklaces.

Game changer is an understatement with this one. They will layer perfectly and will never tangle together.

@loveizzyjewellery The best way to layer your necklaces! #jewellerystyling #stylehacks #goldnecklaces #australiansmallbusiness #fashiontips bust your windows
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6. Wearing chemise bibs under sweaters.

When we tell you, we’re obsessed with this one. It completely changes how comfortable of the outfit, now you’re not too warm, your chemise isn’t too bulky under your top, and everything just layers smoothly.

@laurenwolfe everyone needs an inexpensive faux collar to layer under all their sweaters & knits #clothinghacks #fallfashion2022 #fashionhack #fallinspo THEY ARE GONNA KNOW - Heliqs
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7. Making the waist of a dress tighter.

For women who tend to have curvier bodies, buying a dress that isn’t tailored by style can be hard. It would fit on your hips but would be too big for your waist. Don’t worry, we get you. This hack has helped us elevate so many dresses and now when we find something we like, we don’t have to worry about tailoring it anymore.

@bobrownn Replying to @Brown Girl - WAIT FOR THE BACK .. Girls, the best way to fix a TOO BIG DRESS Save for later #fashionhacks #stylingtips #dresshack #hack original sound

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