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Saudi Film Commission Hosted A Discussion Of Role Of Film In Documenting Communities

In February 2020 the Saudi film Commission was established in the capital city of Riyadh. One of the main goals of the commission is to be able to enhance the sector in the Kingdom while also empowering everyone who works in the industry from producers to film makers and actors.

Their mission stands strong at the idea of fostering the formation of a Saudi film industry and unleashing its potential for international markets as well. As for the vision, the Commission dreams to have Saudi Arabia be a “world class film center” in the Middle East. In the past they have hosted many events and initiatives some have been their initiatives include Daw Film Competition, Filmmaker's Program and 101 Film Studio all in the aim to enhance the local talent in the industry.

As part of their ongoing activations, they have hosted a panel discussion on April the 30th about the “documentation of individual and community experiences on film.” The panel will be held virtually and will be organized by the Ministry of Culture.

The various topics that will be talked about will relate to the role of film and media in Saudi Arabia while also tackling on the different drop descriptions and responsibilities of the industry professionals. Here we refer to directors, producers, screenwriters, and others.

Ethics topics will also be discussed in relation to the different communities and how the role of film is aiding in perpetuating and understanding of what a foreign community or culture can be. Another aim is to also highlight the crucial the crucial ways in which media can manifest a holistic identity of a society and how it can also preserve it through film.

Throughout the event the panel will be delving into various experiences that are documented by film makers and that share their personal views and how that is shaped by the latter. These types of happenings better the arena for dialogue and expressing opinions in Saudi Arabia, especially when talking about supporting industry professionals. The event also allows for new voices to be heard, consequently making way for fresh, new talent.

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