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Here’s How You Can Adpot A Pet in KSA

If you're thinking about having a pet in your family, adopting should be your number one choice, rather than buying. First and foremost, you are saving a life. Many animal shelters are often overfull and when you adopt, you're freeing up space for other animals in need. At the same time, you're also providing a loving home for the pet that you choose.

There are also many studies which show that adopting pets can improve your own mental and physical health, as the companionship of a little furry friend will reduce stress and increase your physical health.

Riyadh Animal Shelter is the first licensed shelter in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The center was founded by an activist and animal lover who wanted to provide animals with shelter and proper medical care before they find their forever homes.

As time passed, and the center got more buzz, the numbers of animals grew. In 2014, the founder officially inaugurated the center with is staffed with expert volunteers. Four years after that, she established a private vet clinic to lead the medical care and support for the shelter.

Their adoption time is from Saturday to Thursday, from 4 PM – 8 PM. No appointment needed, you can just walk-in!

However, before adopting here are some conditions as stated by the center’s website:

  1. All family members and residents must consent to the adoption and responsibility of raising the pet.
  2. The welfare of the animal and the suitability of the potential adopter are a priority for the shelter, not necessarily whoever makes the first contact.
  3. The potential adopter/s must submit to an interview.
  4.  A parent must also be part of the adoption process for anyone living with his/her parents; for a dog – under 26 years old, for a cat under 23 years old.
  5. Signing the contract gives the shelter the right to visit the adopter’s home and follow up with the pet’s welfare, and also to reclaim the pet if it is in the pet’s best interest.
  6. An adoption fee must be paid prior to adoption.
  7. No pet will be released unless it’s spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.

 Other options include for adoption in the kingdom include Saudi Arabia Animal Rescue, Adoption Option-Riyadh, Let’s Adopt – Saudi Arabia!, Paws & Claws Animal Group, and Open Paws.

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