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Quirky Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For 2023

As Middle Eastern Mother's Day approaches, we've compiled a list of unusual presents for grandmas, new mothers, and all other kinds of exceptional mothers.

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Museum Virtual Tour

The miracles of modern technology enable so much, even if you're not together.

As virtual tours become increasingly popular, more museums are opening up their "walls". Plan a trip to the Louvre with your mother for Mother's Day. Or the Vatican in Rome. Or, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

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Luxury Shower Steamers

For those of you who would rather take showers than baths but still like the idea of a soothing home spa. Place one shower tablet in the shower's corner, and relax with vapor enticing smells reducing tension.

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Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Essential oils may target various pain areas when diffused correctly. Lavender, for instance, promotes serenity after applying two to three drops to the pad of this bracelet.

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Homemade Coupon Book

DIY Mother's Day coupons, written or printable and easy to personalize, will show her how much you care. Coupons may include breakfast in bed, dinner and a movie, daytime date, night on the town, game night, and just me and you time.

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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Who said mugs are a pointless present. Even if she poured her cup two hours ago and forgot to drink it, it will stay warm after she programs this app-controlled mug with her preferred drinking temperature.

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Semi-Precious Stone Candle

Beautifully designed with healing properties from natural semi-precious stones pressed within them to spread calming energy and to support mind clearing.

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The Gift Of Sleep

Unsurprisingly, a “sleep in” is very popular among mums. It’s at the top of our list too.

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The gift of peace, or kids getting along without fighting, arguing, or hitting, is something that many mothers wish they could get on Mother's Day.

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Uncommon Experiences Online
Fun online classes to give to someone who has every "thing." So many unique gifts: flower arranging, painting date night, and much more.

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Handwriting jewelry

Create a heart-filled piece with any handwritten message that she will wear every day; "Best mom ever" is a great pick. Be sure to select a metal like rose gold, silver, or gold that complements her daily jewelry.

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