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This Saudi Woman Is A Tech Leader: Deema Al Athel

Deema Al Athel is the Saudi powerhouse recently appointed Technology Services Delivery Leader for international tech company, IBM, covering the Middle East and Africa region.

In her role, Al Athel will be responsible for implementing software services such as artificial intelligence, automation, security, and cloud and systems services across the region.

Having joined IBM in Saudi Arabia in 2019 as a strategy leader, she quickly climbed the career ladder within the company and was promoted to a Data and AI Business Development position in America with a focus on strategic engagements within the Kingdom. She then worked as a Strategic Business Development Leader at IBM before being promoted to her most recent role.

Deema Al Athel is highly experienced in her field of work developing and managing IT solutions, and has become a specialist in crisis management, developing her strategic and operational planning skills while executing a range of projects and initiatives. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in computer sciences from King Saud University in 2000, and five years later a master’s degree from the same university. In 2015, she obtained a Ph.D. in computer science from the George Washington University, in Washington, D.C., specializing in Artificial Intelligence.

Moreover, in 2020, she was featured in Forbes Business magazine as one of the world’s leading women in AI. Prior to joining tech giant, IBM, she was a Chief Information Officer at King Saud Uiniversity’s women’s campus and was a part-time consultant for several government and nongovernment agencies, including the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center, the National Digital Transformation Unit, and the Bunyan Women’s Charity Association.

She has also participated on numerous occasions with the Saudi delegation for the Human Rights Commission at the UN in Switzerland.

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