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UK-Born Exclusive Member’s Circle, Akademy, Announces its Launch in the UAE

Founding members include Lady Kitty Spencer, Extended Member of the Royal Family, Niece to Princess Diana

Akademy, the exclusive intellectual member’s circle, announces today its plan to launch in the UAE in January 2023. Following a successful launch in the United Kingdom in 2020, the private club serves as a base for the world’s intellectual, art and cultural circles, uniting the finest academic, creative, business and thought leaders who seek personal betterment through the power of education.

Akademy brings together like-minded individuals who share an infinite curiosity and desire to learn and spark dialogue. The bespoke membership-based platform presents a curated programme of events and lectures, in partnership with leading organisations and world-renowned brands such as Cartier, Dior, Holland & Holland, Annabel’s, The Savile Club, and others, in an effort to encourage personal fulfilment and enrich the world of its members. In the UAE, Akademy aims to celebrate Middle Eastern heritage, raise further awareness of the thriving culture in the region, evolve wisdom, and demonstrate limitless learning.
In a joint statement, Akademy co-founders, Anastasia Belyak, Kamilia Shaimieva and Olga Fler said: “We launched Akademy to create an exclusive platform for like-minded people to engage, connect and debate, whilst enjoying convivial social settings. As the Middle East continues to thrive and attract people from all over the world, it seems like the natural choice for us to expand to the Emirate and explore its booming business, art and cultural scenes. Akademy is a private members’ club for people who are keen on learning from academics, conversing with industry peers and leaders, with a simple aim to cultivate minds and nurture the grand pursuit of knowledge.”

Since its establishment in 2020 in the UK, the member’s circle continues to nurture infinite curiosity and build a discerning community that entices thought-provoking conversation, debate and dialogue. With a curated programme covering a wide series of topics ranging from science and technology, arts and culture, and philosophy to well-being, Akademy champions the power of knowledge and celebrates diverse thinking, profound reflection and the appreciation of one another.

In the past two years, Akademy successfully presented over 40 events in partnership with world-renowned fashion brands such as Cartier, Christina Dior, Dolce & Gabbana as well as leading private clubs, including Holland & Holland, Annabel’s and Savile Club in the UK, providing unparalleled access to some of the world’s leading academics and thought leaders.

With an official launch event set for February 2023, Akademy invites interested parties to join the club and apply for membership in Dubai. There are several types of membership and joining fees that will be applied to potential members.

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