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5 Saudi Jewellery Brands To Keep An Eye Out For This Season

The jewellery design scene in Saudi Arabia has always buzzing with different styles and brands. The collections are diverse, whether you are looking for unique pieces for various occasions, or timeless designs. For this season, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite jewellery brands by Saudi Arabia designers to watch out for.

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“One for all, and all for one” is the main idea behind which this brand stems from. Designed by Saudi Arabian designer and influencer Hala Abdallah Alasmari. All the designs show a blend of both rich heritage and modern styles that suit both the day and night. Keeping the essence of her signature style in all the designs, you will always make a statement with an Ofa piece.

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Lillian Ismail

If you’re looking for dainty and unique designs, Lillian Ismail is your go-to brand. Created by Saudi entrepreneur and jewellery designer, the brand has 6 collections currently with a custom design one. Our favorite would be the letter necklaces with the limited pink charms that can be customized. Fun fact: Lillian started this brand when she was only 17 years old!

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Luda Jewelry

Known for their signature colored precious jewels, Luda Jewelry’s design style is more eclectic and inspired by nature. The “Bouquet of Flowers” was designed by Saudi Arabian jewellery deisgner Khulood Arab so that it could evoke all the beauty and colors of the flowers through fine jewellery. The pieces are so unique that they withstand time and trends, and stay in your collection for years to come.

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Yataghan Jewellery

Yataghan Jewellery is one of the most known Saudi jewellery brands created by Saudi designer and entrepreneur Sarah Abudawood. The brand has many stunning collections, but recently they have created a line inspired by Arabic calligraphy which happens to be on our wish list. Building up on the ear cuffs trend, the beautiful pieces debut Arabic written words like “Truth” or “Determination”, all encrusted with diamonds and previous jewel

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Charmaleena Jewellery

Charmaleena has to be our favorite jewellery brand for stacking and layering necklaces, rings, and bracelets. The jewellery brand is known for their geometric designs that add glamour and charm to any outfit. The green stones are absolutely stunning, and along with all of their lines, the pieces will always tell a story whether with the design, origin, or colors.

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