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All About Bella Hadid’s NFT Project

Dutch-Palestinian, American born model, Bella Hadid, has just announced that she is entering the world of the metaverse with her very own NFT project: CY-B3LLA. She will be selling her NFTS, short for, non-fungible tokens, that will “serve as a passport to this new world.”

NFTs are generally digital assets, that can be purchased via cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Polygon and others, that represent objects such as music, art, which is a more common use of an NFT in the digital world, digital clothing, and more.

Hadid took to Instagram to share the news of her upcoming NFTs with her 52 million followers, and captioned a 10 second video, “Say hi to CY-B3LLA. As we've been reminded too many times, the universe we live in is imperfect. But I believe this provides a true opportunity to build a meta community, sustained by peace, love, compassion and meaningful connections.”

She continued, “I am launching CY-B3LLA, a collection of 11,111 exclusive NFTs that serve as your passport to this new world. I’ve co-founded this collection because these aren’t just NFTs - they’re invitations to a new global nation. Each NFT features different& unique 3-D scans of me, thought up with you in mind that will be utilized around the world; designed to encourage travel, community, growth, fantasy and human interactions. That’s just the beginning. In the coming months, we’ll grow this new meta-nation with real locations and events all around the world, where I can meet each and every one of you. Join a new online community at @cybellaxyz @rebasegg”.

What's more is that, through this project, Bella Hadid is inviting collectors of her NFTs to go to real locations and events around the world, where they can meet her in person. For fans, this is a major incentive.

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