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5 Of The Best Fitness Classes To Try In Dubai in 2022

New year, new you? As cliché as that sounds, being healthy and maintaining our health has never been so important – especially since it seems that COVID-19 is going nowhere. Dubai is all about reinventing and improving everything, from the city to it’s residents, which is why there are so many fitness facilities dotted all over the city. Working out can be quite an overwhelming feat, but with so many class and gym offerings, it can be difficult to decide what the best exercise regime is for you. So, to make it even easier for you, has rounded up 5 of the best classes and gyms Dubai has to offer…

Bikram Yoga @ Dryp

Get your sweat on as you stretch and tone in a Bikram Yoga class at Dryp in Dubai Marina. One of the most intense yoga sessions in town, this 90-minute hot yoga class takes you through two sets of 26 postures while state-of-the-art infrared heat technology gently warms up your body. If you don’t have quite enough time for the full session, you can opt for an express 60-minute version, hot vinyasa (including a hip-hop version), and candlelit hot yin yoga classes.

Power Sculpt @ Physique57

Using your own bodyweight as resistance, Physique 57’s barre exercise classes target the muscles in your arms, thighs, glutes, and abs to the point of fatigue, then stretches them for relief. The effective workouts build, tone and strengthen the muscles and results are visible in just eight sessions.

Starcore @ The Alley

The Starcore workouts by Peter Barron and Tana Boschoff combine strength, conditioning and mobility using both body weight and weights, with some HIIT training. Their 6am classes, 3 times a week at The Alley in Dubai’s Al Quoz area help you make the most of your day and aim to make you a better version of yourself. Whats more is that this dynamic duo can help you not only attain your body goals, but also keep you healthy with a personalized nutrition plan.


CRANK is the high-intensity stadium cycling class that pushes your body to the limit. The indoor world-class audio-visual setup provides an immersive experience that’ll transport your mind and body to bring out your inner athlete. You’ve got to be sure to be ahead of the game and book in advance as these classes are popular with the city’s fitness fanatics.

Boxing @ FitnGlam

This glamorous ladies only gym offers an array of classes from yoga and barre to HIIT and crossfit, as well as boxing. FitnGlam’s boxing sessions will have you in top shape by mastering basic boxing skills while improving your power, speed, and cardio fitness. The gym also has a luxurious spa where you can recover in a sauna and lather yourself in sumptuous Molton Brown Body Wash, treat yourself to a Dyson blow dry and style it up with GHD’s – that’s what puts the glam into FitnGlam. 

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