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Global Music Leaders To Attend Arab Region’s First Music Conference

Saudi Arabia has come leaps and bounds in the space of the last 4 years, especially when it comes to introducing the kingdom to music, culture, arts and entertainment and for the first time in history, the country will host the region’s first music conference event this December.

This conference has been arranged by Saudi Arabia’s music festivals, MDLBeast and Soundstorm, and will be a 3 day XP event hosted in Riyadh from the 13th of December 2021. The event will feature a variety of workshops, panel discussions, networking opportunities, and opportunities for music industry professionals in the kingdom to obtain more experience and knowledge in their respective fields.

It has been reported that the conference will attract leading regional and international artists, music executives, creatives and many more and in order to attend, all you need to do is book your ticket online.

The conference program will focus on talent and development, inspiration and promotion, data, policy and advocacy, and social purpose.

In a statement with local press, CEO of MDLBeast, Ramadan Al-Haratani, said, “The music scene in the region is promising and growing. In 2019, when we launched our first festival, we attracted 400,000 people over three days. That just shows the potential that the music industry has. This year, we are coming back with the XP three-day music conference in order to support building the infrastructure required for that music scene.”

Al Haratani also explained that the conference would be a platform for important conversations to take place and would allow for industry professionals to “really leapfrog the music industry in Saudi and develop the right infrastructure for a sustainable music and culture ecosystem.”

The CEO of the famed Saudi Arabian music festival added that the event would also be hosting a number of performances by local and regional talent as part of the event’s night program.

“The beauty of what we are looking at is the diversity of the music scene. Diversity brings creative collaborations together and inspires new thinking and disruptive ideas, and I think this merge between different genres and different languages is definitely an interesting space for the musicians to explore and use a platform like XP to further develop that creative scene,” said Ramadan Al Haratani. 

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