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An Extraordinary Exhibition Is Taking Place At The Giza Pyramids

‘Forever Is Now,’ a union of art, history, and heritage, is the first international exhibition to take place at the pyramids in 4,500 years.

As the oldest and last remaining of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Pyramids of Giza continue to fascinate culture vultures from all walks of life. In a double treat for culture lovers, Art D’Égypte, an Egyptian company with an all-female team, will be holding its 4th annual exhibition at the pyramids and the surrounding Giza Plateau. Titled “Forever Is Now,” it will be the first international art exhibition to be held there in 4,500 years. The mega event taking place on October 23 represents a merging of ancient heritage and contemporary art at the wonder, which today survives as a UNESCO world heritage site.

The contemporary exhibition, which reflects the profound, global influence of ancient Egypt and draws on the ongoing inclusiveness of contemporary cultural practices, will be held under the auspices of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities and Tourism, Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the patronage of UNESCO. The cross-cultural “Forever Is Now” will also showcase how ancient Egypt has been a monumental source of inspiration for artists throughout history.

“Egyptian culture is a gift to humanity, and the purpose of this exhibition is to showcase these treasures in a dialogue with the contemporary on an international scale, to the rest of the world,” Nadine A. Ghaffar, the Founder of Art D’Égypte, said. “Ancient Egypt has influenced artists from around the world, and so we bring the world to Egypt and Egypt to the world through art. It’s a privilege to stand at the foot of these monuments that have survived turmoil, wars, and pandemics, and have endured. This exhibition is a token of hope for humanity and a humble tribute to a civilization that stands the test of time.”

Ghaffar became one of the youngest French-Egyptian women to receive the Chevalier de L'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres title from the French government this year. The art buff, who was invited by UN WOMEN to speak about Egyptian women and their role in elevating the art landscape through social change, has aided in showcasing the work of Egyptian artists through Art D’Égypte at international fairs Abu Dhabi Art Fair and Art Genève. 

The Artists
In a departure from its previous exhibitions, Art D’Égypte, a company that undertakes a number of activities that support the heritage and visual art sectors, has been inviting international, regional and local artists to participate in “Forever Is Now.” "Some of the top-tier artists slated to take part include French JR, Lorenzo Quinn, who hails from Italy, and American Gisela Colón. In addition, Egyptian artists Moataz Nasr and Sherin Guirguis, Saudi Arabian HRH Prince Sultan Bin Fahad, Russian Alexander Ponomarev and João Trevisan from Brazil will be displaying their works. British artists Shuster + Moseley and Stephen Cox RA will also partake.

In parallel to the Exhibition, Art D’Égypte, which focuses on democratising the arts and presenting contemporary art in a new light within historic sites, brings a first to Egypt. The company that has held exhibitions at the Egyptian Museum, Manial Palace and at four historic locations on Al-Mu'izz Street in Historic Cairo, is introducing AI-DA, the world’s first ultra-realistic AI robot.

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