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3 Times Saudi Women Touched Our Hearts

In the spirit of Saudi pride this week!

Life can sometimes feel ordinary and mundane but, occasionally, we might stumble upon individuals with inspiring stories and deeds that touch the hearts of an entire nation. Over the past few years in Saudi Arabia, with the increased focus on the achievements of women across the board, there have been a number of remarkable women inspiring people around them through simple acts of kindness or through sheer determination and passion, putting smiles on faces by their actions. From the sea of stories out there, here are three times Saudi women almost brought us to tears:  

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When 70-year-old Sabeeha Al Fakhr finally passed her driving exam after 3 trials

Following a royal decree by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman in 2017, thousands of women across the Kingdom got behind the wheels and took to the road for the first time. Surely, this is was historic landmark on its own, but one woman especially touched the hearts of many: Sabeeha Al Fakhr, who successfully completed her driving exam after three trials, at the age of 70! Her long-awaited dream of driving a car that turned into a reality in 2018 was indeed inspiring to generations of women and men in the Kingdom and beyond. 

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When Zahra Hashem Al Moslem dedicated her free time every week to teach kids for free

In 2018, Zahra Hashem Al Moslem made the news for her selfless acts knowledge sharing.  As a student at Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal University, in Al Khobar, Al Moslem devotes her time to helping children with their studies at no extra cost. It began during her trip to the hospital when she came across a boy asking people for money. Sitting next to him, she opened one of his books and explained his studies to him. From that point on, she fell in love with the idea of tutoring fellow students, and began handing out fliers informing them about her services. Not only she devotes as much time possible in teaching, she was also able to find the necessary funds from other avenues, which she gets from teaching preparatory year students at university. 

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When Fatima Al-Daoud left her art in cafés as gifts for strangers

Have you ever stepped into a café and, as you were taking your sit, you were pleasantly surprised by the sight of a gift left behind by the last patron? Meet Fatima Al-Daoud, the woman putting smile on the faces of customers. In 2018, she made headlines for leaving behind painted cups and drawings at cafes across Riyadh for customers to enjoy.  “I also want to convey a message not to stick to the things that we love. When you get used to not owning it, leaving the worked on with hours of energy to make others happy makes you feel good," she explained in an interview with Al Arabiya English. 

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