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Check Out This "Dino Park" in Medina, Saudi Arabia

For generations, we've all been fascinated by dinosaurs, letting our imagination picture how different our planet might have been with these majestic giants roaming around the world. At Dino Park, however, visitors from across Saudi Arabia don’t need to stretch their imagination too far, as the space offers a Jurassic experience that people of all ages will enjoy.

Situated in Medina, visitors flock to the theme park to learn more about the various dinosaur species and their eventual extinction. Of course, none of the dinosaurs on display are recreations from real bones, but the animatronics do give visitors an idea as to how each dinosaur looked and sounded, and how they interacted with their environments. Surely, this makes for a great experience for the family and kids. The concept of bringing dinosaurs to life mimics what is depicted in the classic film, "Jurassic Park," based on a book series by Michael Crichton.

But, learning about dinosaurs is not all one can do at Dino Park. There are amusement park rides and play areas for the kids, a train ride that will take visitors around the theme park, restaurants for buying refreshments, and a prayer area for visitors to attend. Indeed, Dino Park has everything for everyone, and it's open seven days a week from 6:30 PM to 1:30 AM.

Now, compared to the Americas and the Far East, Saudi Arabia isn't considered part of the regional category known for rich deposits of dinosaur fossils. This means that dinosaur bones are believed to be rare, as many parts of the Gulf region were believed to have been submerged in the sea, making it less than ideal for land animals.

Hence, the discovery of the Kingdom's first dinosaur bones delighted many across the Kingdom. By 2013, paleontologists discovered fossils from two dinosaur species. These include tail segments from a titanosaur and a theropod's teeth.

The areas where fossils were discovered were believed to have been part of what are now the northeastern African region and the Indian subcontinent. This suggests that dinosaurs may have migrated from other regions prior to the titanium plates reshaping the continents. 

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