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Dressing Positively Sways Psychological Wellbeing 

Wear That, a company that fuses fashion and technology, gives an insight into how the act of dressing gives a boost to confidence and leads to a feeling of joy.

Mental health awareness has been picking up steam, and as the subject becomes more popular in the world of business, it’s also a major talking point in the fashion sphere. Undoubtedly, what we choose to put on every day, from clothing to accessories, is a way for us to express ourselves because garments and style naturally showcase personality, culture, lifestyle and creativity, or even a mix of all of these. And the things we wear reflect the way we want others to identify us as well as how we see ourselves.

Developing self-expression, one of the important aspects of individualism, contributes a lot to mental health and can lead to a hale and hearty mindset. This is particularly true for introverts or those who have a difficult time expressing themselves with words as they can benefit from using fashion to hint at their personalities, resulting in a mental health boost.

Featuring data collected from the past year and a half, Wear That, a digital styling platform that offers women personal styling experience, has shared some insights on how fashion affects our mental health, how the industry acclimatizes and changes to consumer habits. Following the effects of 2020 on people’s psychological wellbeing, statistics show that anxiety and depression have been increasing, and according to specialists the simple act of dressing up can have a positive impact on our mental health.

The Dubai-based company, which was founded by Heidi Shara, witnesses firsthand the effect of feeling good in the clothes we wear, having worked with thousands of women since launching in 2018. Research indicates that dressing up can help boost a person’s mood by improving their self-confidence, and in turn positively impacting the way they carry themselves throughout the day along with changing how people think of them.  The styling brand is affiliated with professional psychological expertise, who determined that a routine is very important for positive mental wellbeing, with small efforts such as grooming and dressing playing an important role. It’s an act of self-love and a reason to celebrate life amidst the negativity that surrounds us.

Most clients who are turning to Wear That for the personal styling service they offer have specific concerns related to the changing dynamics of a post-COVID world. The lion’s share of recent requests come in the form elevating personal style with the ultimate goal of changing moods, adapting to new lifestyles like work-from-home, and/or having gained some extra weight during the pandemic. Presenting the necessary guidance and providing women the tools to feel good in their skin allows the brand that’s incubated by The Chalhoub Greenhouse to enhance their customers lives, far beyond a styling session.

“If you look good (whatever that looks like to you!), you will feel good and if you feel good, you will feel more self-confident, all of which contributes to improved mental wellbeing,”  Liya Kreidie, Creative Director and Stylist at Wear That, says. “The changes can be small and subtle, yet result in significant boost to your self-worth.”

Ultimately the effects of feeling comfortable and good in the clothes we wear, goes beyond our conscious minds, reaching even subconsciousness. People tend to carry themselves differently, have a more positive outlook and lifted spirits. And interestingly, this applies to any type of clothing whether lounge wear, a formal suit, or a casual outfit to run errands as it’s the small elements that make the difference. 

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