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Myriam Fares Is Set To Be The First Arab Artist To Have A Netflix Documentary

The Lebanese star gets up close and personal in the documentary licensed by the streaming giant.

Myriam Fares is the newest musician to be the focus of a Netflix documentary. According to the description of the show, which is the first Netflix documentary based on an Arab artist, it’s all about the Lebanese pop star documenting “her experiences with her family while in lockdown.” Entitled “Myriam Fares: The Journey” and directed by Berlin-Beirut-based director Sherif Tarhini, the new 71-minute documentary will be available to watch from June 3.

Fares, who is also a dancer and actress, took to her Instagram account to share the news with her 15.7 million followers. One promotional picture confirmed her second pregnancy and the birth of her son, Dave, in October 2020, is one of the documentary’s highlights. Fares notably kept her pregnancy very private but it seems she’s ready to reveal all the intimate events behind the experience.

"Six years of marriage passed in the blink of an eye," Fares can be heard saying in the trailer. "Even though a lot of things happened during those six years, time flew by, because me and Dani always support each other. And we thank God for this beautiful family."

The documentary also promises to give us a closer look into the “Ghmorni” and “Inta el Hayat” singer's “album preparations."

Born in1983 in Lebanon, the all-around entertainer is known as “Queen of the Stage.” After 10 years of dating, Fares, who starred in “Silina”and TV series “Itiham,” married Lebanese-American businessman Danny Mitri in August 2014. The couple, who kept their nuptials a secret at the time, welcomed their firstborn, Jayden, in 2016. 

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