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QR Codes Illuminates Shanghai's Skyline

Advertising's limit is the sky - pun intended!

A thousand drones gathered in Shanghai's skyline to create a scannable QR code this past weekend. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, the QR code was designed as part of a marketing campaign for the anniversary of the Japanese role-playing video game 'Princess Connect! Re: Dive'.

The creators over at Cygames company amassed 1,500 drones in the sky to create various characters throughout the night in QR code format.

The displayed QR codes directed passerby toa link to content about the game, and a link to download the game.⁣

⁣ According to Vice World News, companies in China are known to incorporate QR codes as an advertising tools. In 2018, creators of 'Princess Connect! Re: Dive' painted scannable QR codes on buildings at its launch in 2018. ⁣QR codes have also been recently used to control the spread of COVID-19 in China. ⁣

What's a QR code?
QR stands for Quick Response and it's a type of barcode that contains information (such as an internet address, the activation of an online payment or a text message) that can be unlocked by framing the code with the smartphone camera. ⁣

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