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3 Amazing Hiking Trails in Saudi Arabia

Hiking on your mind? It's the perfect weather in the Gulf to enjoy the great outdoors. Saudi Arabia boasts stunning locations across the Kingdom for adventure seeker. Here are 3 must-visit natural gems for your next hiking trip.

P.S: Be sure to wear your mask, adhere to social distancing and have fun!

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1. Al Ula

A top destination in the Kingdom, Unesco World Heritage Site AlUla boasts incredible sights binding millienia of history and more. For a more special visit,  local storytellers (Rawis) can guide you through walks, trails, and other exciting activities. Desert buggies are also available for tours around the stunning ancient site. Visit for more info.

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2. Wadi Al Disah

In the heart of Tabuk, Wadi Al Disah is a playground for hiking enthusiasts! Visitors are surrounded with stunning natural views and phenomenal greenery. Also known as Wadi Al-Habak, Tamar Al-Nabq, Wadi Damah, and Wadi Qarar, the valley stands out with pillar-shaped red mountains. which will make for the perfect climbing adventure.

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3. Edge of the World

If you’re looking for a front row seat to stunning stretches of land and captivating silence in the middle of nature, you should check out known to locals as “The Edge of the World" in Saudi Arabia. Tuwaiq, which is located about 95 kilometers outside the capital offers cliffs and rock formations that will bring smiles and excitement to the faces of rock climbers and hikers everywhere. Click here for more info.

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