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Healthy Hydration: All You Need To Know About BrightFox

The drink that’s jam-packed with all things good can brighten your morning or optimise your night (think Bella Hadid on the New York party scene).

BrightFox, a scientifically formulated mix of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants that has been designed to hydrate, fuel and replenish, is finally available in Dubai. And with consumers demanding more and more wellness products during these trying times, the delicious and sustainably smart way to stay hydrated couldn’t have landed at a better time.

The highest electrolytes beverage in the world, loaded with five zeros (0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 sweeteners, 0 stimulants and 0 colouring) BrightFox is anything but average. Originating from New York, the crisp and delicious drink with a game-changing formula of naturally derived flavours is available in still and sparkling, the latter being great for new concoctions (and party shenanigans)!

BrightFox, which optimises hydration by keeping the hydration cycle going, can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere in these three flavours:

1. Cucumber + Mint: Fresh and crisp with a smooth finish, this is a sparkling option that is refreshing and relaxing.

2. Grapefruit + Ginger: Packed with a punch, this is the other sparkling drink that’s perfect for those looking for an exciting flavour blend.

3. Blueberry + Vanilla: This unusual pairing has a sophisticated sweetness and is a mellow and delicious still variant. It’s great for workouts, pepping up your morning or before bed as a night cap.

Here’s what to know:
BrightFox packs in three times more electrolytes than any other popular health beverage. Electrolytes are essential for your nervous system, contracting muscles and regulating your body’s PH levels. The beverage contains zinc, which flushes out toxins and increases metabolism, and it has double the number of antioxidants than any other drink on the market. Additionally, the drink has 100 percent of the daily recommended dose of Vitamins B5 and 76 percent of Vitamin B. This reduces the chances of Vitamin B deficiency that leads to fatigue, headaches and nausea.

BrightFox also has choline, which supports liver and brain function as well as memory. The resealable bottles are super sustainable, eco-friendly and glow in the dark under black or UV light. The aluminum containers, which consume little energy during the manufacturing process and are lightweight, reducing carbon emissions during shipping, are 99.9 percent recyclable.

To join the FoxTribe, you can order your BrightFox from The drink is also available at Zoom, ENOC and Amazon, as well as coming soon to, Kitopi and All Day.

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