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Maria Tash's New Jewellery Collection Sets New Highs

Photographed by Tom Schirmacher in New York City 

Presenting her Fall/Winter 2020 collection, Maria Tash is launching a line of new jewels which combine innovation, timelessness, structure and movement. The New York-based designer has woven each of those elements into the design of her new pieces as well as luxury piercings.

For Maria Tash, this is the largest assortment of new pieces ever introduced in one collection and it celebrates the universality of Maria’s designs. Targeted at both men and women, Tash doesn’t cater to just one gender and recognizes that people are styling themselves with earrings in more unusual locations than ever before, and this has inspired her to continue to cater to all identities. 


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“I don’t design with gender in mind. Each piece is unique to the wearer and it’s not about masculinity or femininity, it’s about personal style and how you resonate with each piece,” she says. The F/W 2020 collection introduces the “Triple Silhouette Spike Diamond Eternity,” which is a new update on the iconic Maria Tash design. Maria converted the classic gold spikes to diamonds and incorporated the faceting of a modern cut stone to achieve a minimalist approach to setting and a maximalist approach to style.


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Speaking about the updated signature pieces, Maria stated, “I asked myself, ‘How could a diamond look like a spike, while also being suspended?’. In my persistence to innovate, I wanted to create something I hadn’t seen before and use cutting and setting techniques to design an elongated shape of a diamond specially cut to achieve a spike look,” she explained.  


Une publication partagée par Maria Tash (@mariatash) le

The pieces move with the wearer but are securely held by the fixed orientation of the designs. Structure supports movement in the new prong setting diamond drapes, diamond crescendo and tassel bar styles. Additionally, modern, unique diamond shapes are precise and expertly engineered. The new invisible solitaire, now in a triangular shape, embodies the sharp angles characteristic of the spike collection. Low profile silhouette cut diamonds in long trapezoidal shapes take the invisible setting one step further and sit closer to the skin to create a ‘floating’ effect. 

Triple Teardrop Marquise Diamond Threaded Stud Earring Yellow Gold

Silhouette Diamond Short Spike Eternity Hoop Earring Rose Gold

Diamond Drape Chandelier Threaded Stud Earring Yellow Gold

If all of these new pieces from the celebrity piercer have left you wanting a new piercing with a unique twist, this stand out collection might be the one for you… The Fall/Winter 2020 Collection will be available to shop online on and across all Maria Tash locations globally on September 14, 2020. 

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