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Saudi Arabia's National Center for Mental Health Receives 20,000 Consultations

In a way, the coronavirus pandemic heightens the importance of mental health and normalizes seeking help

The call center for providing counseling and the “Qareeboon” app, affiliated with the National Center for Mental Health Promotion (NCMH), provided a total of 20,130 psychological consultations over the past three months.

Saudi Arabia's National Center for Mental Health Promotion (NCMH) has been working around the clock to provide people in Saudi Arabia with mental health services. Upon the coronavirus pandemic, the center's app called "Qareeboon" (Arabic for 'close to you') and their call center faciliated a total of 20,130 visits to psychologists and therapists over the last three months.

The amazing facility is open to people from all walks of life seeking counselling six days a week  from 8 A.M to 4 P.M via the toll-free number 920033360 from all across the Kingdom.

A team of expert psychologists and mental health professional receive requests from the “Qareeboon” app and provide counselling in a confidential & open environment.

Accordig to Saudi Gazette, the center reported that people came forward to cope better with fear, anxiety, stress, and depression, in addition to other mental disorders. The NCMH is committed to break the stigma around mental health in the Kingdom, correct misconceptions, and raise awareness around the vitality of mental health. In these stressful times, we are proud to see that many more efforts and steps are taken to encourage to take care of their mental well-being in the Kingdom.

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