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The Emirati Designers To Rock On Emirati Women’s Day 2020

Emirati Women’s Day is upon us! The country bursts with pride for the women who represent the UAE in the best way possible.

Every year, the 28th August is dedicated to celebrating those women and recognizing their contributions to the development and progression of the United Arab Emirates. The date itself was selected by Mother of the Nation, Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, to be on the same date of the founding day of the General Women’s Union, which fell on 28th August 1975.

Emirati Women’s Day was first launched in 2015, and continues to be a day of significance 5 years to show our support for the hard-working women of the nation. These are the talented female Emirati designers we’ll be wearing in celebration… 

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Twisted Roots

Emirati designer, Latifa AlGurg, the founder of Twisted Roots, began her career in the highly technical field of electrical engineering where she developed analytical and problem-solving skills but had no outlet for her creativity. Inspired by travelling the world, she found her creative outlet through her collections that are a new take on contemporary classics. Her years of study and work experience put her on a road that has led to, Twisted Roots. 

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Serrb offers up a plethora of modest yet modern abayas, kaftans, capes and dresses. The spirit of Serrb lies in its selection of exceptional and exquisite fabrics that take form in signature clean cut designs reflecting the strength of the brand. Embracing the elegance and power of every woman, Serrb evokes minimalist sophistication transcending seasons. 

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Noora Shawqi

Born in Dubai, UAE, Noora’s background emphasizes her passion for jewelry. In 2017 Noora started an Instagram account, @noorask as a platform to share her love of fine jewelry. Aiming to share her favorite pieces from regional and international jewelers, Noora’s following grew quickly and is now a popular account for lovers of fine jewelry. 

Now in 2020, Shawqi delivers modern, elegant jewelry that epitomize effortless femininity through clean designs, exquisite craftsmanship and unique styles.    

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Illustrella Moda

Dedicated to redefining everyday glamour, Emirati design duo, The Bin Haidar sisters, continue to deliver a refreshing take on traditional modesty, including collections of abayas, kaftans, classic dresses, and immaculate tailoring, in ultra-feminine cuts that exude nothing but elegance.  

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IAMMAI is an experimental Emirati fashion brand based on capsule collections. It was created in 2014 to experiment by juxtaposing art and minimalism into modest fashion. The creation of Mai Albudoor, an Emirati “designer of everything” with a background in art, architecture, interior, and graphic design, IAMMAI, as the name notes, is a self-expression of how Mai sees design; an elegant juxtaposition of modesty and minimalism. 

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