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How Saudi Led G20 Empowers Migrant & Youth Populations

HRH Princess Maha bin Mishari bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, who co-chairs the research and policy advice network of the G20, the Migration and Young Societies Task Force of Think20 (T20), speaks out about the think-thanks progress during Covid-19.

The T20 task force works around the clock on many issues regarding fiscal sustainability and financial inclusion of the displaced and the youth. Aside from their consultative services for refugees, the G20 subgroup pushes for the integration of migrants and launching education channels for migrant youth segments. Lead co-chair to the research and policy advice network of the G20 HRH Princess Maha bin Mishari bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud explained to Arab News how the T20 is mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable parts of society in the Kingdom and beyond. Here are some of her noteworthy quotes to the Saudi daily. 

1. “It is well known that economic and demographic factors and the outbreak of regional conflicts have driven a large proportion of the world’s population to voluntary or forced migration, and that most of these migrations are from developing countries to the more advanced G20 countries, where migrants and refugees often face problems in social and economic integration.” 

2. Saudi Arabia continues to lead with heart, vision and grace during these unprecedented times using a virtual platform to bring together dedicated professionals and trailblazing members of our community engaging all G20 leaders. To have reached where we are now is in itself an accomplishment at a time when the world is challenged by the impact of the global pandemic.” 

3. “Stakeholders from different sectors realize that education is not only about providing opportunities for professional growth and increasing family incomes, but also has more important societal consequences where education can contribute to lifting societies out of poverty. Girls’ and women’s access to education is directly related to a decrease in both child mortality and child labor. Despite the documented benefits of education, financing education for vulnerable populations does not match demand.”  

4. “Our researchers have provided evidence-supported research on the social, political, and economic impacts of migrants. Moreover, my team has sought a better understanding of the migration mechanisms and sought to benefit from success stories. We have discussed a set of fundamental issues that include climate, energy, migration, youth, innovation, technology, multilateralism, economic development, finance, food security and access to water.”  

5. “For example, we have identified that it is possible to mitigate short and long-term consequences of the pandemic on migrant and young communities. Italy and Sweden illustrated this by considering new residency and work permit initiatives for immigrants.” 

In January, a T20 Inception Conference hosted 500 experts from 65 research agency who have been seeking develop solutions for the themes of the G20 summit. The Kingdom is set to host the G20 meeting in November. Stay tuned for more updates on Saudi Arabia’s G20 presidency.

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