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Saudi Arabia’s G20 Presidency Will Discuss Women’s Empowerment & Economic Representation

As Saudi Arabia gears up for the 2020 G20 (Group of 20) Summit, which is scheduled to take place in Riyadh this November, the Kingdom has been holding a series of summit meetings and laying down main priorities, a key one being the Women Empowerment Initiative. According to various news reports, in this 15th edition of the summit, the group will be specifically discussing various topics pertaining to women such as employment, financial inclusion, and access to real opportunities. 

As part of its agenda, the G20 has scheduled a meeting of the Private Sector Alliance Initiative to empower and support the economic representation of women (EMPOWER). Launched at the G20 Osaka Summit in 2019, EMPOWER aims to promote the advancement of women in the private sector, and is co-chaired by two Saudi Arabian, CEO of Samba Financial Group, Rania Nashar and co-president of the Saudi Private Sector Alliance, Dr. Hala Al Tuwaijri. The Alliance held its first meeting on April 9, 2020 via teleconferencing. 

In December 2019, Saudi Arabia officially took on the G20 Presidency and Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman spoke on the occasion, saying, “The Saudi G20 Presidency is committed to continuing the work carried out in Osaka and promoting multilateral consensus […] We will do our best in cooperation with our partners in the group to achieve tangible accomplishments and seize opportunities to tackle challenges of the future.” 

Since taking up the presidency and up until the run-up to the Leaders’ Summit in November, Saudi Arabia is set to host more than 100 events and conferences, as well as ministerial meetings and meetings of officials and representatives from civil society, including the Business 20, Youth 20, Labor 20, Think 20, Civil 20, Women 20, Science 20 and Urban 20.  

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