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Pull-Through Braids: This Season’s Coolest Pulled-Back Hairstyle

These easy-to-master, bigger-than-life braids are as show-stopping as any seven-section ones…

Braids are fun, funky, stylish and always a winner for summer, especially with our region’s soaring temperatures. From mermaid and fishtail to Dutch and waterfall, we’ve had some head-turning variations over the years, and fashionistas are more than grateful this summer hasn’t disappointed. The pull-through braids trend, which you can rock even if you have short or curly hair, is what’s making everyone do a double take this season. The pretty style, also known as the 'bubble braid', looks intricate and adds oodles of volume. What’s more, it makes it seem like you've made a lot more effort than you actually have, as it’s remarkably easy to do, a convenient plus when many of us are still hesitant to go to the salon.


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The super simple trend is more or less like a traditional plait, which involves weaving two sections of hair around a central strand, but with a twist. And as well as being easy to spruce up with accessories like hair pins, brooches, flowers, a patterned scarf or an embellished headband, pull-through braids can be pulled off in plentiful ways. Whether you’re gunning for a casual look or something more formal, there are countless tutorials to help you perfect this summer’s top style. 

Everyday styles 
The basic pull-through, which starts from below the crown area in a ponytail, is perfect for a casual look. A great way to make the popular and super simple style more polished is to add slight waves to loose pieces of hair at your hairline. Another informal take that allows you to keep hair off your face and show off that main you’ve been growing during lockdown is the twin French braid. With two braids with pull-through hair from the front, while the rest of your hair flows freely, it’s a gorgeous choice. An accessorised loose braid or a side partitioned Elsa-style one are other adorable options that will bring out those smiles. For the look that’s an ode to Frozen, you can take it from the top and start the braid up by your hairline, and some stray locks framing your face or flowers across the length add a stylish touch. Meanwhile, pull-through braid pigtails are the perfect way to keep in touch with your inner child. Whether high, jumbo, low and relaxed or teased for a boho look, it’s a really fun way of getting hair up and out of your face. 


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Formal styles  
Updos are the perfect coiffures to make you look and feel like a queen during a special occasion. For a hairstyle that is somewhere between formal and cool, a low hanging updo or a bohemian style one with some loose strands falling below, are just perfect. Another style that starts with two braids from either side of the head is the ultra romantic and lovely half-up-half-down pull-through braid. For the best iteration of the crown-like braid, add some volume by pulling at the braid, as well as some soft curls near the bottom of your free-flowing hair. 


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For something very elegant, you can dress a pull-through braid updo, which is a regular pull-through braid that’s tucked in with bobby pins, with decorative accessories. In addition, teasing your hair to give the crown volume before beginning on the braid adds that extra oomph. The fabulously smooth and sophisticated French pull-through braid is an alternative choice for a more formal event. The key to nailing this chic look is to brush out each section as you work and make sure you keep everything in place.   

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