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The Complete FOREO Guide To Keep Your Skin Fresh & Clean

This must-have skincare tool is your new best friend in self-isolation...

The whole world is coming together in efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19 and Swedish skin-tech company, FOREO is on board too. The skincare brand urges everyone to elevate their skincare routine by adopting a cleansing ritual to keep the face clean and bacteria free - even if you're doing your hardest not to touch it. Recently, the brand launched the #WatchingYouTouchChallenge on TikTok, which is a global movement targeted at exposing the touch and stopping the spread. 


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Did you know? Touching your face will increase chances of transmitting coronavirus, with the nose, eyes and mouth all being easy access points for viruses. And, the average person subconsciously touches their face SIXTEEN times per hour? Making it highly likely that bacteria will be transmitted to the face by the end of the day - even with regular hand washing.

In addition to guidance from the World Health Organisation, FOREO urges people to give their facial hygiene routines a boost with simple cleansing each morning, night and whenever it's needed.

Ryan Saddik, General Manager for MENAT region at FOREO says, “Cleansing with a LUNA device will remove 99.5% of all dirt, oil, sweat and dead skin cells, leaving skin deeply cleaned and refreshed. The devices are uniquely engineered from silicone, a non-porous and naturally bacteria-resistant material, making them 35 times more hygienic than nylon brushes - an important factor to consider as research is telling us that coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to three days. A simple cleanse with a LUNA device can go a long way in elevating your skincare and increasing your cleanliness levels.” 

Saddik concludes, “FOREO is no stranger to the world of cleanliness having transformed the way that people around the world washed their faces with the launch of LUNA back in 2013. Now, we want to elevate our knowledge to assist in raising awareness around hygiene and helping those who want to increase their cleanliness during this troubling time.”

So how does anyone attain the perfect cleanse? These are the 5 simple steps using LUNA 3:

Step 1
Before starting, remove all makeup and sync the LUNA 3 device to the FOREO “For You App” by following the on-screen instructions. Next, set your cleansing preferences within the app.

Step 2
Dampen the skin and apply a gentle cleanser to the device such as the Micro-foam Cleanser. Activate the cleansing routine by pressing the universal button on the device.

Step 3
Move the device in circular motions on the face starting with the cheeks. The device will change rhythm when it’s time to move onto the next part of the face.

Step 4
When the routine is finished, rinse your face and the device with warm water and pat your face dry.

Step 5
Apply an antioxidant rich serum such as Serum Serum Serum and follow with your favourite moisturizer for hydrated, deeply cleansed and fresh skin.

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