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This New Arabic Website Offers Reliable Info On The Coronavirus Pandemic

Share HEALTH-19 with Arabic speakers; it's updated daily with credible news.

Dubai-based company House of Content has launched an Arabic platform dedicated to accurate and well-structured translations of the most important global resources on COVID-19. As part of the Arabic translation powerhouse’s corporate social responsibility campaign, HEALTH-19 aims to provide a solution to the scarce resources available on the pandemic in Arabic. House of Content, a leader of Arabic content development in the GCC region, also hopes to fight  the misinformation and fake news widely spread on social media.

House of Content believes that having a single platform with reliable information, translated from international sources, will help local communities around the MENA region battle this outbreak.

The sources include but are not limited to the World Health Organization and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading American national public health institute. The company is committed to delivering timely articles, FAQs and videos dedicated to explaining the pandemic, as well as detailed precautionary measures the public is advised to follow to mitigate the virus.

All content on HEALTH-19 is allowed and encouraged to be shared, printed, reproduced or republished for the benefit of the public, as long as facts and figures remain unaltered. Happy learning!

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