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Reemami’s Fun & Absolutely Optimistic Pieces Are What We Need Right Now

Adding a dose of positivity to your wardrobe does wonders…

Reema Al Banna’s whimsical patterns, signature architectural cuts and hand illustrated graphics have appealed to celebrities and royalty, including Bella Hadid, Jordan’s Queen Rania and Deena Al Juhani. The Founder of Sharjah-based Reemami’s designs always stay true to her design philosophy, individuality and creating things that uplift. Al Banna, who is Palestinian but born and raised in the UAE, also aims to tell inspiring and imaginative fairytales with her fun, bold and eclectic pieces.


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Undoubtedly, part of Al Banna’s success comes down to her fearlessness and yearning to always experiment with new cuts, volumes and patterns. The designer is inspired by her passions, which have included wake-surfing, boxing and travelling, as well as her friends, family, team and the community she lives in.


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 Al Banna, who produces out of her atelier in Sharjah, works with local factories and fabrics to help the environment and boost local business, seems to treat each item as a piece of art. Another reason to love this brand for the young and young-at-heart is Al Banna also ensures Reemami is active as a socially responsible brand. For example, she has held a Compassion Show in support of The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund and has raised awareness for The Mawaheb School for Beautiful People and successfully collaborated with its special needs artists.


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Award-winning Al Banna used to work as a graphic designer, and while doing so, she took evening classes as part of a two-year fashion course at the prominent French Fashion University in Dubai, ESMOD.

Her big break came when she competed in a competition by Dubai-based concept store Sauce. After establishing Reemami in 2010, she was one of the first to delve into ready-to-wear in the region, which was more renowned for haute couture. By 2016, the year she won the DDFC/ Vogue Arabia Fashion Prize,the experimental brand was well and truly coveted.

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