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The Genius Tool Every Hijabi Makeup Lover Should Use

It’s bound to become a staple part of all hijab beauty lovers.

Raise your hand if you’re sick of getting foundation stains on your hijab whilst applying makeup. We thought so too, and we have a solution for it! We bring you, MODBEAUTYKEEPER, a breakthrough tool for as little as $25, that will keep your makeup from ruining your hijab. So makeup enthusiasts and vloggers, worry no more!


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The first of its kind, this protective cover hijabis is entirely handmade and cruelty-free to save you from the worst cream and powder stains. MODBEAUTYKEEPER is a one-size, secure adhesive-enhanced fabric protector, which comes with a cute pouch and can be used up to 5 times.


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MODBEAUTYKEEPER is the brainchild of Nandi K. Barker, a Dubai based New Yorker who got inspired from makeup tutorial and spotted the gap in the market.  After thorough market research in cosmetics stores, Barker came to the conclusion that she will face the stubborn issue of makeup transfer on clean hijabs. Designed in Dubai, MODBEAUTYKEEPER is the ultimate beauty tool to a mess free makeup application. 


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Adaptable to the many styles of wearing a hijab, this genius accessory is your new makeup hero. How does it work? The protector fastens securely to the hijab with a friendly adhesive to deter makeup from transferring onto a clean hijab and voilà! Shop it here.

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