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Rami Al Ali Shared With Us The Secrets of His Exemplary Bridal Couture

His designs have appeared on covers of leading fashion magazines and singled out during red carpet celebrations…

A global designer sought after by leading women the world over, Rami Al Ali’s signature feminine, flowing fabrics and silhouettes are truly dreamlike and poetic, somehow merging fashion and art together. While the Syrian-born couturier’s love for refined and beautiful things began at an early age, his graduation project, a fashion show that highlighted his portrayal of fine arts through fashion, was the pivotal point. And after a number of inspiring fashion shows around the Gulf, he established Rami Al Ali Couture in 2000.

For his fashion house the Dubai-based Al Ali, who studied Visual Communications at Damascus’s College of Fine Arts, also designs a bridal line that equally evokes romance and beauty, truly distinguishing the wearer on her special day.

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How would you describe your style as a designer? What do you try to portray through your designs?

I am passionate in creating classic designs that are remarkably memorable. As a designer, I believe an individual should never stop looking for unique ideas because it’s a continuous learning process. The core of every design is my desire to create exquisite pieces that will transform the wearer. When something is created with true passion and utmost attention to detail, it exudes timeless beauty and a strong impression that lasts, qualities all Rami Al Ali creations possess.

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Since you are based in the UAE, do you find UAE culture influences your creations in any way?

The Middle Eastern culture has so much to offer when it comes to inspiration. I have been living in Dubai for a long time now, and I am still amazed with the intricate patterns in mosques, beautiful Arabic architecture and the people’s sense of appreciation for the finer things in life. I try and use these ideas in creating concepts. I then combine them with the more sophisticated aesthetics from the West.

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Do you design for the Middle Eastern woman? Do you have any type of woman in mind?

Whilst I don’t have a particular muse in mind, I always envision the Rami Al Ali woman as confident yet demure, an embodiment of timeless beauty.

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When a woman comes for a bridal dress, how much in advance should she first see you before her wedding?

It’s always advisable for brides-to-be to allot ample time looking for their gowns. It takes a minimum of eight weeks to create a wedding gown, which includes the process of sampling, fitting and final delivery. If I would give one piece of advice, brides should keep an open mind and shouldn’t rush. It’s a once-in-a- lifetime event so every detail should be perfect.

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What is your preferred shape/silhouette for a wedding dress?

With endless options in silhouettes for brides these days, it can be really overwhelming. However, as a bride, you should know your body and select a shape or silhouette that would flaunt your best asset. For taller women, I suggest lots of layers and volume in the skirt of the dress, while women with curves can opt for an A-line shape that embraces the body in the most flattering way.

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If you could dress any woman for her wedding, who would it be?

I don’t have someone particular in mind, however I have always admired Sarah Jessica Parker’s sense of style. She’s elegant and undeniably quirky, which makes watching her during events or awards season a breath of fresh air. Her style is contemporary yet fun.

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Do you have a favourite creation?

I don’t have a personal favourite, however each dress has its own story and significance.

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Which fabrics do you enjoy working with for your bridal gowns?

I love to play with different, unique textiles and fabrics for each of my collections so it would really depend on the theme I want to achieve.

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What usually inspires you when you are designing for bridal?

I like my designs to reflect how true beauty is captivated when a woman embraces her femininity, especially during the most special day of her life. I envision the Rami Al Ali bride as a regal woman with classic beauty and elegance, so she deserves nothing but a wedding dress that will make her feel her most beautiful on her wedding day.

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When a bride wears one of your gowns how do you like to see her accessorise?

It all depends on the gown of choice and the theme. For instance, floral crowns depict a fresh and beautiful vibe, while the classic tiara signifies elegance.

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