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The Top 5 Hair Perfumes You Need Now

Fancy a hairdo that smells divine? We’ve rounded some of the best hair mists on the market to add to your hair care routine. Many luxury and exclusive hair care brands have introduced several hair mists and fragrances to the market which can be great to detangle, nourish and hydrate your hair whilst leaving a beautiful scent no matter where you go. With way less alcohol than regular perfumes and long-lasting fragrances (because hair absorbs scents better than skin), these top 5 hair perfumes will leave your hair smelling like heaven…

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BYREDO Hair Perfume

Known for their incredible, unique unisex perfumes, candles, hand and body lotions, BYREDO includes their luxe hair mists in their crowd-favorite scents. The product uses ingredients that delicately scent the hair while applying extra care. The brand’s formula leaves the hair luminous, nourished and subtly perfumed throughout the day.

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Ouai Haircare Eau de Parfum

Ouai is one of the most sought after hair care brands and caters to almost all hair types, so it was only right that they add hair perfume to their repertoire of amazing hair care. Founder of Ouai, Jen Atkin, conceived 5 stunning scents, whilst also ensuring that the products are hair friendly.

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Balmain Paris Hair Couture Balmain Hair Perfume

Balmain are lesser lauded for their haircare regime, but it exists and it’s fabulous. One of the most standout products is the hair perfume, which comes in a chic bottle and features notes of white musk, vanilla, jasmine and rose, infused in silk protein and argan oil to aid hair repair and protect it from heat damage.

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Angel Perfuming Hair Mist by Mugler

Angel by Mugler is an iconic scent that remains a top seller since its launch in 1992. The hair mist, with the same signature fragrance is a must have for hair and beauty buffs as it helps to eliminate odours from the hair instead of just masking them with a perfume.

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Sachajuan Protective Hair Perfume

The name of the product says it all! Sachajuan’s hair perfume is more than a mist. The formula is elevated with natural citrus oils that break down odor molecules, so hair remains fresh, moisturized, and frizz-free. The perfect addition to date night beauty regime!

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