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Daniella Debies’ Styling Videos Are Major Inspo for This Summer

Visual communicator by degree, is what her Instagram bio states, and we’re a hundred percent sold. Meet Daniella Debies, the Instagram account to visit every time you’re faced with the most mind-boggling of matters; your outfit of the day. It seems simple, but trust us nothing is more excrutiating than that sit-down in front of the closet as the time is passing by, and you're panicking because you still have no idea what to wear. Daniella’s impeccable taste in styling looks managed to place her under the umbrella of major influential fashion players in the Middle East, and she's here to help you.


Feeling like a bag of skittles!- @era.ksa

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With her sharp-cut cheekbones, sleek jet-black hair, and amazonian figure, the Lebanese visual communicator based in Kuwait is the perfect addition to anyone's Insta feed. Daniella's bubbly nature and constant documentation of her endearing life with her husband will make you keep that follow button, and to add to that she'll give your seasonal wardrobes that extra umph. We would describe her style as laid-back but chic; nothing she wears is too elaborate or too fashion risqué, but the way each item fits makes her whole look stand out. Debies' formal attire is also stunning, as she plays with a lot of colors on simple cuts, and when she decides to go with a crazy fit, it's a monotone color.



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One of the latest rages this past year has been the “dress-as-you-go” videos, where influencers and bloggers create the outfit step by step on video, instead of showing us the final products. You see each detail being placed, so you don’t miss a thing, and the unravelling of the outfit is quite fascinating to watch. Daniella has been dabbling a bit with these types of videos, as opposed to her usual stills, and the results are the exact summer dressing we’ve been looking for. She makes one piece in her wardrobe multifunctional for different kinds of outings, taking you from a day at the office to a night out dancing. Take a look:

Chill Neutrals

High-Waist Denim Vibes

Color-Blocking Sets

Midi-Skirt Versatility 

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