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Saudi Women Affairs Council Launches Forum To Boost Women’s Role in Labor Market

As Saudi Arabia continues to work toward realizing its Vision 2030 objectives, a key part of which is to provide women with more support, mobility, and economic opportunities, more initiatives are being launched to increase the role of women in the country’s labor market. As part of this drive, the Council of Saudi Chambers’ Coordination Council for Women Affairs has launched a forum this week focused on the recruitment of women in beauty companies and salons, as reported by Arab News.

Organized in cooperation with the Riyadh Chamber, the event was designed to facilitate communication between beauty-related establishments and Saudi women in search of work opportunities. During the forum, 371 administrative and specialized job opportunities were showcased, and three workshops were held. According to the news site, the first workshop “discussed ways of dealing with bosses, colleagues and auditors,” the second “tackled the labor laws and related regulations, while the moderator of the third workshop spoke of her work experiences in beauty salons and companies and the road to success in the field.”

Saudi Arabia’s Women Affairs Council

Saudi Arabian women have always excelled in education in comparison to their male counterparts and compared to other leading countries across the globe. For instance, according to World Economic Forum, about 30 percent of university-age Saudi Arabian women attended university a decade ago. Now, half of them pursue a university degree, more than women in countries like Mexico, China, Brazil, and India. In addition, almost 40 percent of students in STEM education in Saudi Arabia are women, compared to 36 percent in the UK and 30 percent in the US.

Today, the Kingdom is working on ensuring that this highly educated demographic can find work opportunities once they begin looking to enter the job market. Following two years of initiatives and decrees aimed at improving the integration of women in the Kingdom’s labor market, Saudi women are slowly breaking into the job market and breaking boundaries as well, from filling top leadership positions, to taking on the forces of nature to put Saudi Arabia on the map.

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