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Décor Ideas for Ramadan 2019

Make Ramadan extra special this year with these beautiful, easy-to-achieve décor tips.

While it can be a tough month due to fasting, Ramadan is also a wonderful time to really enjoy the breaking of your fast and ultimately, Eid, surrounded by loved ones. Having your friends and family enjoying meals together is a wonderful time to prepare your home with a beautiful array of decorations and table accents to make the month of Ramadan even more special.


Any form of celebration almost always requires accents of beautiful metallics and this year, whether you choose to make silver, gold, bronze or even this years trending colour, rose gold your accent colour, the shimmering hues will add a special touch to your table. Metallics have the ability to add a glowing warmth to a room too, making it feel more welcoming and intimate, so don’t forget to incorporate a few of these hues to your Ramadan colour palettes.

Blues and Royal Purple

Royal purple and all hues of blue are always fantastic colour palettes to adopt during the month of Ramadan as they represent the inky canvas of the sky, while bright metallics can represent the moon and stars. These shades are classic, elegant and easy to achieve. Invest in a high-quality tablecloth or table runner that can be used, as a family tradition, each year during Ramadan only, while additional blue or purple accessories can be updated each year.


Lighting is a must for the month of Ramadan and whether you use delicate tea candles to create your table centrepiece, strings of fairy lights along the walls to create an accent wall or pretty lanterns to light up the corners of your home, we promise you’ll feel a difference. Not only does candlelight help to exude a degree of warmth to a room, but soft lighting tends to create a unexplainable feeling of magic in the air, which is exactly what a special celebration like Ramadan calls for.

Rustic Décor

Natural, rustic décor can easily be incorporated into your Ramadan decorations. Garlands made from natural wood and canvas detailing, tree branches placed artistically along your table centrepiece or large, floor standing vases filled with natural wood accents can add a wonderfully cosy ambience to your home, especially when combined with warm lighting.

Continuing the natural, rustic theme, create a beautiful tree using a selection of artistically arranged branches and create a ‘Thankful Tree,’ where every evening before you and your family break your fasts, guests can write on a little tag, something they are specifically thankful for on that day. It can be tied to the tree and you can watch as the tree fills up with notes of thanks as the month gets closer to the end of Ramadan. When you celebrate Eid, the children of the family can read out each note to create a wonderful feeling of thankfulness and humility.

Paper Lanterns

While paper lanterns can have a reputation of looking tacky, if you buy high quality versions and plenty of them, stringing them up between various rooms of your home, along stair banisters or along bare walls can create the most wonderful, beautifully effective sense of festivities. Many of these lanterns have the ability to be lit up too, which creates magical shadows across the room as you and your family break your fast. This is an economical, highly effective method of creating a wonderful ambience throughout your home.

Arabic Lanterns

Paper lanterns can be easily incorporated into your home décor during Ramadan, but traditional Arabic lanterns are the perfect way to cast vast light throughout your home, whether being used solely as a source of light or to create artistic shadows throughout your living area. Clusters of lanterns grouped together will add warm, shadowy hues in corners of a room that might otherwise be considered ‘dead space,’ while creating a path of lanterns to your front door is an enchanting welcome for guests.

A fun way to countdown to Eid during the month of Ramadan is to decorate a number of glass jars using glass stain and metallic paint, giving each jar a number. Each day of Ramadan, starting from the very first day, remove the cap and light that day’s candle, using the cap as a pedestal for your lantern. With each day, light the previous days’ candles along with the current day and on the last day of Ramadan, watch as all of your beautiful lanterns are lit up indicating the next day is going to be a wonderful celebration, Eid, of course.


Use beautiful, fragrant flowers to create eye-catching centrepieces on your Ramadan tables, being sure to select the colour to complement your theme for the month. This theme can change from week to week, but real flowers can add an elegant accent to your dinner table. Using metallic spray paint, spray paint glass jars and bottles to create ultra-luxurious vases and if you choose to display white, cream or blush pink flowers, you could even spray paint the tips of the delicate petals in a metallic hue that suits your theme. Blush Roses with rose gold tips are incredibly easy to create and also make a wonderful gift for your guests to take home with them once the meal is over. 

Even if your kids aren’t fasting this Ramadan, try and get them involved in this very special occasion. Look for creative ways to keep them busy while everyone around them is trying to curb their cravings. Let them help you decorate your home for Ramadan by getting them to make their very own, special Ramadan decorations such as a personalised placemat or lantern, which can be used during Iftar throughout the Ramadan month. They could even make special garlands and artworks which can be hung around the home during the special month, or use this opportunity to teach them how to cook your family’s favourite Iftar dishes. Small activities like these will help to make it a wonderful, memorable time that they look forward to each year.

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