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The Body Shop Is Inviting You To Create Your Very Own Bespoke Fragrance With The ‘Scents of Life’ Collection

Influential women from across the region co-created the innovative new range that celebrates individuality and self-expression and allows you to have fun with fragrance.

The scents you wear are a reflection of your personality. They can speak volumes about you.

And The Body Shop realises it’s a changing time in the region, with more and more women finding their voices, so they have come with “Scents of Life.” Playful, sophisticated and original, it’s a collection of essences, fragrances and spritzes that you can mix, match and layer to create your own unique scent statement.

What’s more, the global beauty brand that is renowned for its high-quality, nature-inspired ethical and sustainable products has partnered with Middle Eastern influencers to create it. Wafa Ahmed, Amal Sultan, Bayan Al Sindi and Lina Al Serhan have all helped with the creative process for the 15 cruelty-free, vegan scents for women and men.

3 Top Picks for Ramadan
Some of the collection’s scents that support female empowerment, freedom of expression and progress are perfect for Ramadan.

There’s the spicy and musky “Musc and Mandarin,” an essence with elegant notes of mandarin, clove, vanilla and sandalwood.

The Oriental and opulent “Amber Wonder” fragrance with its warm, heady notes of oud wood, cardamom and amber is another great option for the Holy Month.

When it comes to choosing a spritz, the delicious and woody “Charm Me” with delicate, earthy notes of praline, sandalwood, orchid and vanilla is the one to reach out for.

Mix & Match Chart:

  • For powerful and potent essences: Mix and match with the fragrances and spritzes
  • For sophisticated and long-lasting fragrances: Mix and match with the essences and spritzes
  • For fresh and uplifting spritzes: Mix and match with essences and fragrances

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