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5 Uses for Nivea That Will Surprise You

Every bathroom cabinet has one, its often neglected and overlooked for a pricier product that promises flawless, hydrated skin. We’re talking about Nivea Crème! Approved by the generations before us, the modest small blue tin that contains ingredients that have a number of uses and work wonders.

The classic, chemical-free, skincare product not only is highly hydrating, but it also smells divine as it has notes of bergamot and orange, mixed with soothing lavender, rose, lilac and lily of the valley.

If you need convincing about how Nivea can make you rethink your entire skincare regime, here are 5 uses for the timeless and inexpensive product.


Hand & Foot Mask

Nivea’s ingredients are perfect for healing and nurturing severe dryness – especially on knuckles, elbows, knees and feet. Making for an instant remedy, rub the cream into your feet before bed, pop on a pair of cotton socks and wake up to soft and hydrated feet. For hands, elbows and knees – generously rub in daily and you’ll see the difference within a week.

Leather Treatment

An unusual use for Nivea crème – but a righteous one! If you have a beautiful leather bag with a scratch or 2 on it, and you don’t have the time or patience to go and find a professional solution – look no further than your trusted tin of Nivea. Just rub some on the scratch or spot to make the scratches less visible and recover the colour. You could also use the cream to polish your shoes as it doesn’t leave oil marks or stains on leather.

A Glowing Makeup Hack

Who would have thought that Nivea could replace your beloved Huda Beauty Golden Sands highlighter palette? Well here’s how: For a dewy, and super reflective highlighter, take a generous smidge of shimmery eyeshadow powder of your choice, stir with a teaspoon of Nivea Crème and use over your cheekbones, chin and nose for a moisturizing and highlight.

A Moisturizer That Can Also Help Thicken Your Eyebrows

Not only is Nivea Crème a fabulously dense moisturizer and face mask that can replace all your expensive ointments in one swift rub, it’s a lesser known fact that it can help to thicken your eyebrows!

With daily use, not only will your skin gain a natural elasticity and glow, your eyebrows will start growing thicker and quicker.

Heals Sunburn

Summer is upon us – mainly in the Middle East where temperatures can reach scorching heights, and you’re bound to end up spending just a little too long in the sunshine with some unsightly sore sunburn. With just a few smears of Nivea Crème, your skin will feel soothed and help heal the burnt areas.

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