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There’s a New Multilingual Double-Decker Bus in Saudi To Tour Visitors and Hajj Pilgrims Around

This year’s pilgrims have not only experienced the spiritual and uplifting Hajj, but are also going to be seeing 12 different parts of the holy city in a newly-introduced double-decker bus!

The multilingual bus will be presenting to its passengers a number of Madina’s landmarks, public places, and entertainment, commercial venues.

Some of the stops include the Prophet’s Mosque, Al Salam Door, Quba Boulevard, the “Beautiful Names of Allah” exhibition, Masjid Al Qiblatain, Al Uhud Mountain, Quba Mosque, Al Khandaq Mosque, Al Manakha, Hejaz Railway, and Abu Bakr Road.

The first tour of the day starts after the Fajr’s call to prayer and ends just before noon, and the second one starts after the evening’s call to prayer and ends at 11 PM. Buses depart every 30 minutes during the latter mentioned times.

This exciting new touristic venture is part of the Saudi Vision 2030, headed by the Kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. The commitment and ambition of the high quality projects stemming from this initiative continue to impress and improve lives and experiences of visitors of the country and residents.

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