Brides, Here’s Your Ultimate Beauty Guide for Your Big Day

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As the character Resputia in “Norbit” says, “Beauty takes time, this just don’t happen!” So here are some beauty secrets to help you find your way to looking your best on the your big day!

Get Glowing for the Showing

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Pampering yourself with endless facials the month before your wedding might seem like a great idea, but microderm abrasions, about twice a week, are a better option. Adopting a consistent skin care regime, preferably with products that are natural, for example those made with soy, during the days leading up to the nuptials is also very important.

Try to cleanse your skin morning and night and then use a serum, moisturiser and eye cream. Refrigerating skin care products helps in two ways: it makes your products last longer and relieves puffiness. Whenever you are feeling stressed and want to create your own mini-spa experience, a dab of eye cream always seems to work.  And of course, never forget your sunscreen, which should be at least a SPF 50.

Hot tips:
1- Try and give your body a break, especially your liver.
2- A 1000 mg of chewable vitamin-C every day will help skin irritation, including acne scarring.
3- Drink pomegranate juice, which is rich in antioxidants, gives your skin a boost and helps your immune system. Small amounts of prune juice also help detox your body.
4- Don’t go on any crash diets for your wedding, particularly in the month before. It will show up in your skin.

The Princess for the Day Must Have a Crown of Glory

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Caring for your hair before the wedding is vital as well, because just as your lifestyle reflects on your skin, it reflects on your hair too. So the healthier you eat, the more vibrant and beautiful your hair will look. Start by trimming your hair every four to five weeks, even if you are growing it for an updo. And if you have your heart set on an updo or long hairstyle but don’t have time to grow it, instant beautiful hair extensions can always come to the rescue.

You should always wash, condition and moisturise your hair, including your human hair extensions, every two to three days. Plus try not to brush it when it is wet. What’s more, your hair care should include applying olive oil to the ends of your hair at bedtime and washing it off the next morning. Always remember to choose your hairstyle based on your wedding dress, face shape, and personality.

Hot tips:
1- Mix lemon juice with water, then rinse it off for added shine and bounce.
2- Add baking soda to your shampoo to eliminate dirt and grease.
3- After shampooing, rinse hair with flat beer to add body and shine.
4- Boil some tealeaves and let cool. Apply liquid to dry hair and let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

 The Bride’s Show of Hands

If a hairstyle highlights your face, elegant fingernails will highlight your hands. You will have lots of opportunities to show off your nails on the wedding day, so nail care should start at least a few weeks before the wedding.

Hot tips:
1- Your nails will be soft and pliable after a warm bath/shower and this is the best time to work on them.
2- Improve the flow of blood to your nail bed by rubbing both sets of fingernails against each other for a couple of minutes.
3- Nail polish removal can dry out your nails, so try not to use more than once a week. 
4- Try and remember to apply cream or lotion after washing your hands paying extra attention to your cuticles.
5- To treat stained nails, mixing one part bleach with ten parts water, soak cotton or cotton bud in the mixture, and rub on.
6- Most nail damage is the result of environmental influences (washing dishes, housework, yard work, etc.), so try to protect your nails when you have to do manual work.

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