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These KSA Artists Are Bringing Arab Culture to the World

Art can connect people across the world. It allows us to see life from a different perspective, and to understand different cultures. These artists are some of Saudi’s finest, bringing Arab culture and life to the global stage.

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Heritage of Beauty by Raeda Ashour

Raeda Ashour
Her work engraving and embossing paper shows the world-renowned beauty of Islamic architecture and design. The designs you might see on a balcony or wall in your neighbourhood are beautifull illuminated by this artist with simple colouring and incredible detail.

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Taha Al Sabban

Taha Al Sabban
Born in Mecca, one of Al Sabban’s wells of inspiration is the annual pilgrimage to the holy city. His work reflects the colourful patchwork of Saudi culture, with vibrant paintings of old mosques and the sea. Earlier in his career, he was an artist for the Kaaba’s kiswah – the cloth that covers the Kaaba.

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Art By Mohammed Al Ghamdi

Mohammed Al Ghamdi
Al Ghamdi blends different media to create chaotic (but harmonic) portrayals of city life. Pieces of metal, wire and pieces of plastic all feature in his works, which show the complicated and loving relationship between the city and its inhabitants.

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Mohammed Al Ghamdi's Art on Display

Abdullah Al Shaikh
His abstract murals, which are often mixed with sculpture, are totally unique. He represents humanity in a chaotic time, and the power for his work is in his ability to turn the recent turbulence in the region into beautiful works of art that are relatable on a global scale.

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'Untitled' by Mohammed Al Ghamdi

Fahad Al Hajilan
This artist draws on his surroundings in Jeddah for inspiration. He abstracts daily life into beautiful paintings that are captivating for their simplicity without losing depth of colour and meaning.

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Monira Mosly
Mosly isn’t afraid to experiment with new materials, textures and colours. Her work is captivating because it draws from history and deep-rooted pride in Arab culture. Classic figures mingle with abstract shapes, reflecting interactions between old and new.

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