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10 Saudi Snapchat Accounts You Need to Follow Now

Snapchat’s popularity in Saudi Arabia has skyrocketed ahead of the rest of the world, according to a study from Kantar TNS. We want to help you merge your love of fashion and beauty with your favourite app, so we've rounded up 10 Saudi fashion and lifestyle Snapchatters to follow.

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Username: Fozaza

Alanoud Badr will take you with her on her travels and show you everyday chic and style with every Snap. Her effortless style will make you incredibly jealous.

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Username: Lama.alakeel

Lama Al Akeel is all about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her snaps are honest and funny – get ready for her singing while putting make-up on and enjoying Snapchat’s filters.

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Username: Mrmoudz

Born and raised in Saudi, Mahmoud Sidani has got style. On his Snapchat, you never know what to expect – trendy shoes, delicious food and life lessons are always on the menu.

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Username: Styleinsaudi

These two sisters show off their personal outfits and chic style. Their gorgeous looks are sure to inspire your closet.

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Username: Theabduls

Two trendy sisters, Thana and Sakhaa Abdul, will take you with them as they jet to exotic and gorgeous places across the globe. Their snaps are full of adventure, style and fun.

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Username: Just.bayan

Bayan is a Saudi lifestyle guru with great make-up tutorials. Her Snapchat is a mix of elegance and casual fun, with photos of her outfits mingling with pizza and movie nights.

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Username: Ralazzouni

Saudi designer Razanne Al Azzouni’s dresses are elegant and delicate. Follow her to watch the magical process of creating them from start to finish.

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Username: Nilohaq

Nilo Haq is a next-level beauty guru who founded the Saudi Beauty Blog. Follow her for an inside look into the beauty industry (and sneak peeks at her favourite make-up products).

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Username: Saraspicks

Sara Murad is a Saudi TV presenter and expert on fashion and beauty. Her stories are full of style and grace. If you’re a foodie, you’ll enjoy her mouth-watering food photos.

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Marriam Moussalli is the founder of Niche Arabia. Her snaps are the definition of style and beauty – they’ll make you want to go out and buy a new wardrobe!

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