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5 Celebrities Who Took A Stand Against Islamophobia


As the global Muslim community may understand, the past few years haven’t been the easiest for them – especially following the travel ban imposed by Donald Trump.

The unfathomable situation left many feeling helpless, homeless and far away from their families due to being stuck at airports and being barred from entering the United States. Terrorist attacks across the world, targeted at civilians were also blamed on Muslims.

In light of all the negative propaganda against Islam, some Hollywood celebrities used their influential status to protest against the discriminatory treatment of those who practice the faith. Compiled from 'Mvslim Inspires', these are the 5 celebrities who made their voices heard.

Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne

The Big Bang Theory actor and his wife Jocelyn utilized their red carpet moment at the SAG Awards to protest against the travel ban set by POTUS, Donald Trump. Jocelyn stood defiant in a white strapless gown, with the statement, in bold black paint: ‘Let them in” emblazoned across her chest. Simon Helberg too held up a sign, with the statement, “Refugees welcome”, whilst being photographed on the red carpet.

Ashton Kutcher

Hosting the SAG Awards, Ashton Kutcher also used the stage to convey a powerful speech in opposition to Trump’s travel ban. He welcomed the guests and viewers of the show and later made the effort to greet immigrants stuck at airports to let them know that they are a part of “his” America.

Continuing with the awards ceremony, Kutcher also addressed Muslims and immigrants stating,
“You are a part of the fabric of who we are and we love you and we welcome you.”

Ashton Kutcher is also a strong campaigner and a spokesperson against human trafficking.


Rihanna was another celebrity to have reacted to Trump’s travel ban – which was one of the most trending topics of the year. She posted on social media “Disgusted! This news is devastating! America is being ruined right before our eyes!” She continued to lash out at the president for implementing such policies.

Reported by another media outlet, Rihanna’s tweets also received a negative reaction from another singer, Azaelia Banks. Banks retaliated, “Is she even American? Can she even vote? We started a war we have to finish or else it will finish us. Trump is simply finishing the job, not because he wants to but because he has to.”

Riri then clapped back at Azaelia with an Instagram post, however, Azaelia’s social media accounts were suspended for making racially insensitive statements.

Michael Moore

63 year old film maker Michael Moore made his opinion heard on the travel ban too and apologized to the Muslim community for Trump’s irresponsible and mindless behavior.

He took to Twitter and stated, “To our Muslim neighbors in the world: I and tens of millions of others are so very sorry. The majority of Americans did not vote for this man.”

To follow, Moore addressed a letter to the US president that he shared on his website eliciting his first meeting with Trump years before.

Concluding the letter, Michael wrote, “You’re not so tough. I’m glad I got to see the real you up close and personal all those years ago. We are all Muslim. Deal with it.” He also protested in front of the Trump Tower with a sign that read the same.

Gigi Hadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid was outraged when she retaliated to an anti-Muslim tweet made by investigative journalist, Laura Loomer.

Following a bomb attack in New York City in late 2016, Laura commented on the aftermath by sharing an image of hijabi women and brazenly stated, “Muslims are out in full force at the scene of the NYC #ISIS attack today rubbing it in everyone’s face. Aimlessly walking around in hijabs.”

Gigi did not hesitate to clap back immediately and slammed the journalist for making insensitive and unreasonable comments.

It comes as a relief to learn that celebrities who can, are using their platform to be a voice, which is almost always heard, for those who are being bullied and targeted based on their religion or race.

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