Mariah Carey’s Life to Be Turned into TV Drama

Mariah Carey is easily one of the biggest names in music. A staple of 1990s music and one of the best selling female recording artists in history, Carey’s career as a pop idol is legendary for having five majorly successful songs hit #1 on the Hot 100. Despite having bombed with her film Glitter, she bounced back with several roles in films such as Precious, The LEGO Batman Movie and the most recent Girl Trip. Her most recent television appearance was on her E! reality program Mariah’s World, but now it seems like the pop diva will be featured on television in the form of a scripted biography.

The television network Starz is currently developing a drama series on the life of Mariah Carey, sounding as though it will chronicle her rise in the world of music. The show will be written by Nina Colman and will begin in 1986 New York City when Mariah was 16, just starting out on her path to fame and leaving behind a bitter childhood. It’s a tale that could very well be a big inspiration for young women to gain a little motivation to ascend to greater heights. The show will be executive produced by Carey herself, in addition to the producing talents of Brett Ratner, Stella Bulochnikov, Teri Weinberg and John Cheng. Colman will additionally be serving as showrunner.

What’s interesting about this production is that it will come in the form of a series and not a movie. It could be a solid miniseries, but it remains to be seen if this will be an ongoing series. It’d be a little surreal to see a Mariah Carey scripted biography show enter into a second season. If greenlit, which it has to be be, it would be placed alongside Starz’s other lineup of stellar programming that includes American Gods, Boss and Outlander.

There’s no other solid information about how long the series will be, who will be cast or what the show will even be called. However, it’d be safe to assume that the show will be stylized and tweaked to be both entertaining and sufficient for a collective of episodes. And, naturally, it’s got to feature some of Carey’s classic numbers of “Vision Of Love” or “Someday”.

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