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Huda’s Thirst Trap Mask Will Keep Your Skin Hydrated During Ramadan

Whether she’s constantly travelling or trying to cope with Dubai’s summer heat, Huda Kattan masks! Sheet masks are her favorite go-to skin saver, so you won’t be surprised to learn that Wishful’s debut mask is a total glow game-changer.

Ever since its launch in February 2020, Huda Beauty's new skincare brainchild, Wishful, uses some of the most powerful and effective ingredients known to the beauty and skincare industry to date. The Kattans' latest groundbreaking product will quench your thirst (pun intended), we bring you Wishful's Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask beauty face masks.

With Ramadan right around the corner, those fasting will understand the skin perils of not being able to stay as hydrated as usual – and it seems that this new Wishful mask is the answer to all your skin woes during the Holy month. “During Ramadan my complexion looks tired, dull and dehydrated,” explains Huda, “Fasting during daylight hours means I can’t get my usual intake of water and my skin suffers. To target this problem, I developed my debut sheet mask, Wishful Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask, which has my skin plump, glowing, and rehydrated in 20 minutes,” she added.


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“When my skin is sending me S.O.S signals and I need a super intense moisture boost, Wishful’s Thirst Trap Mask transforms my skin. I’m totally obsessed,” says Kattan of her latest product release.


Une publication partagée par HUDA KATTAN (@hudabeauty) le

Making high quality skincare accessible, Wishful has an affordable price point and is endorsed, trialed and tested by the makeup and beauty guru herself. Using an innovative combination of natural ingredients and gentle chemical solutions, the brand edits your daily routine down to the key essential products that will visibly change skin instantly while giving long-term, wow-worthy results.

Thanks to a potent cocktail of Hollyhock Rose Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate and Aloe Vera, which work to deliver an immediate, intense moisture surge to the skin, the easy to use, super-saturated mask leaves behind smoothed, plumped skin, and a healthy glow in just 20 minutes.


Une publication partagée par HUDA KATTAN (@hudabeauty) le

Each individual sheet is made up of a double-layer-fibre that rapidly absorbs the powerful vitamin-rich essence and swells to maximum saturation, to directly deliver the formula to seriously thirsty skin. This innovative technology allows each mask to hold significantly more essence than a conventional sheet mask, which means even more of the ingredient-rich formula is delivered to the surface of the skin. So are you buying?

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