Jeddah: Where Saudi Culture and Streetwear Meet

Inspired by everyday Saudi culture and traditional Arab upbringing and childhoods, is Urbanik.

A clothing line established by three friends in Saudi Arabia, Faisal Alsowayegh, Sari Qablawi and Abdullah Bogis, who met whilst working in the advertising industry.

Established in February 2017, and first launched at the KSA’s Saudi Comic Con 2017, Urbanik pokes fun at simpler times from growing up in the 80’s and 90’s in an Arab household, with their latest collection, “Old is Gold”. The clothing range takes elements that reflect common contents of almost every house in Saudi Arabia.

“Our hero here, a VHS tape with all the names of different tapes that usually every house in Saudi has,” said Alsowayegh, discussing one of their most popular designs.

Amongst other images printed on tshirts are retro video games consoles, a graphic image of trying to rewind an audio cassette tape using a pencil and PacMan consuming cups of tea.

The founders of Urbanik are set to grow their brand further and develop it into a lifestyle, taking it from their popular tshirts, to other products including hoodies, posters and pins.

Currently using Instagram as their main sales platform, (@urbanikbrand), the quirky Saudi clothing brand is excited to expand.

Founders, Faisal, Sari and Abdullah, have an objective to create clothing using statements and imagery that any Saudi person can relate to in order to evoke a sense of nostalgia whilst spreading a message of “peace and modesty through style”.

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