Cakes So Fuzzy, You’ll Want To Sleep On Them Before Eating Them

Cake art is indeed an art, and one woman has taken creativity, skill, and imagination to a whole other level with her fuzzy carpet looking creations. Los-Angeles-based designer Alana Jones-Mann started sharing her cake decorating experiments five years ago and has now become an online sensation.

Although she has been making jaw-dropping sugary treats for some time now, she is better known for her most recent incredible edible masterpieces that look exactly like rugs. The artist herself calls these desserts shag cakes and it’s easy to see why. The details of each cake are unbelievable, from the many colors to the detailed texture.

Jones-Mann wasn’t always a baker. After six years of planning large-scale events at a leading PR and marketing agency in New York City, she decided to focus her energy on her true passion: creating and designing, full-time. Speaking to online portal Sweety High, she explained how moved from the corporate world into baking.

“I guess the main thing was just that I really wanted to be happy. I was most happy when I was creating. What's funny is that I've never been a baker, I was kind of going through something and had the urge to make a cake as a very therapeutic activity and loved it. Not the baking part necessarily but the decorating part. There's no point in doing something if you're miserable. So it was just kind of a defining moment for me,” she explained.

From disco balls to retro wreaths, she’s perfected her skills on intricate and delicious designs. Check out her website and Instagram page for more amazing cakes.

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