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Meet Bayan Linjawi, Saudi Arabia’s 25-Year-Old Tech Entrepreneur

Saudi Arabia is home to number of rising stars, young women from all walks of life and sectors who are leading the way in everything from arts and culture to information technology. Amongst this growing pool of exceptional and boundary-breaking figures is Bayan Linjawi, an entrepreneur, social media influencer, and founder of Blossom MENA, an accelerator that aims to connect and foster the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Kingdom.

Linjawi may only be 25 years old but she has already made a name for herself in Saudi Arabia and the region. She quickly became a well-known name on social media just a few years ago, garnering thousands of fans and followers with her honest, open, and conversational approach to being a social activist.


Once in a Red moon.

Une publication partagée par Jeddah/Dubai بيان لنجاوي (@just.bayan) le

Now with her latest endeavor, Blossom MENA, Linjawi is on the path to educating, empowering, and enabling the technology entrepreneurship community in Saudi Arabia. Speaking to Buro247, Linjawi explained that the accelerator aims “for a diverse pool of applicants from a variety of different backgrounds,” and places an emphasis on providing women with the right support so they feel encouraged to join the technology sector.


Had a busy day today.. where u guys at???

Une publication partagée par Jeddah/Dubai بيان لنجاوي (@just.bayan) le

“We also equip all of our start-ups and entrepreneurs with adequate resources, mentorship and networking opportunities to ensure they flourish,” she continued.

Linjawi also touched on the successful and unwavering journey of Saudi women in recent years, pointing to the fact that female graduates currently outnumber men in the Kingdom.

“[T]he government is pushing for more women to hold managerial positions in both the public and private sectors. Technology has played a huge role in the transformation as thousands of women have opened businesses online and are making thousands of dollars from business accounts on Instagram and Snapchat. Additionally, the 2030 vision aims for an increase of Saudi women in the workforce across all sectors including technology, entrepreneurship, athletics, art and the media,” she explained.

​Last year, in October, Linjawi was invited to give a TED Talk in which she spoke about idea sharing in Saudi Arabia. Soon after that, she headed to London to host the 2017 Arab Women of the Year awards London’s Jumeirah Carlton. 


Vision is key.

Une publication partagée par Jeddah/Dubai بيان لنجاوي (@just.bayan) le



Little girls with dreams become women with vision.

Une publication partagée par Jeddah/Dubai بيان لنجاوي (@just.bayan) le


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