How To: Training Right, Training Hard

Tips to stay motivated and disciplined when it comes to physical fitness.

Some people are motivated to head out for a daily walk or run, come rain or shine while others go to the gym, day in day out, knowing exactly which muscles to work on and which equipment to use. But then again, there are many of us who get stressed out by work, family commitments or traffic.  And when we do actually make it to the gym we lack the know-how to do an effective workout.

Enter personal trainers, they can develop an all-round fitness plan, and with this solid plan in hand, the goal to fitness is attainable.  Bassam Sfeir, a dedicated mountain climber and qualified fitness trainer, knows how hard it is to keep up with physical training or a strict diet schedule when we are busy with work and personal activities daily.

“My plan is to improve my personal fitness level in a way … and apply it to people to improve their abilities to lead a healthy and strong lifestyle,” he says. “To get motivated, set your goal properly and it is already half way reached.” He is a great believer in outdoor activities, such as walking and hiking, to help develop strong stamina and build good state of mind. He also advises to eat at least three meals a day and to never ever skip breakfast. “From my personal experience, I need to organise my training and diet schedule the same way I organise my closet,” he says.

A personal trainer will help to improve your skills and safety to avoid injuries when working out. “Train right and hard,” Sfeir says. “Train hard, play harder.” And remember consistency is important for sustained success. The trainer is just there to guide, it is up to you to master self-discipline and dedication to reach the end goal. 

Larry Jackson, owner of 3D Fitness in Louisville, USA, is a fitness trainer, competition coach and boot camp instructor. He has worked with many clients over his long-spanning career and fully understands that change can be difficult at first. His advice to have sustained success is a five-step process:

1. Understand you are in complete control of your attitude, and your attitude is determined by your feelings. These feelings are produced internally, not externally. You are the only one who can choose how you feel.  Take back your control.

2. Continuously remind yourself of why you want to reach your goal.  Stick to this thought, this is now your purpose.

3. Visualise success as if you have already reached your fitness goal. Embrace that feeling of achievement; it should now be your dominant focus.

4. Take inspired action every day. When you wake up, commit to doing at least one thing that day to move you one step closer to your goal.

5.Be thankful even before your goal is reached. Gratitude is often a magnet for more of the same. Give thanks to all the little achievements you make and be certain they will add up to your ultimate goal. Be consistent and success will be yours.

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