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4 Female Arab Fashion Designers that Are Rocking the World

Arab talent is on the rise in the eyes of the global market and in the world of fashion, some of them are taking the planet by storm. These fabulous fashion designers are all Arab women who are literally making waves on a global level, breaking stereotypes and empowering women and girls. Here are the top 6 female fashion designers rocking the word.

1.  Fatema Fardan

This Emirati designer was the first from the UAE to showcase her collections at the New York Fashion Week back in 2015. Owner and creative director of her own ready-to-wear fashion line, Fatema Fardan Designs launched in 2014, this modern designer is blazing a trail for international Arab fashion for women. This graduate from the Regent University in London is up to some interesting things and we can’t wait to see she has in store for the future.


2. Hind Adib

Born in Iraq, based in Dubai, this designer released a line of vintage denim jackets styled with bold statements that made it all the way to the American music scene. The jackets, adorned with an X, feature slogans to inspire, with messages like “I’ve got my own back.” Adib created the X collection to help women break stereotypes and be empowered. In 2017, one of these jackets were worn by none other than her favorite rapper, G-Eazy.


3. Faiza Bouguessa

Started in the fashion industry at a young age, Faiza is becoming increasingly known as a cutting-edge designer to watch. She owns her very own fashion label based in Dubai, called Bouguessa, which made headlines this 2017 after Beyonce donned a Bouguessa design at the Saint Heron party in Los Angeles. The emerald velvet cape was sold out almost immediately for $945 per piece. Dedicated and hardworking, we expect to see more from this designer in the future.


4. Marmar Halim

Although she’s been making waves in the Middle East for a little while now, Marmar Halim is a designer that has worked with famous people from all over the world. Known for her elegant and versatile style, Marmar has dressed some of the most high-profile dignitaries and A-list stars. During the premier of the movie “Suicide Squad”, the world-renowned singer Skylar Grey was seen wearing a Marmar Halim design. With her mind on fixed on breaking Hollywood, you can expect to see more of her in the near future.

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