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Chai and Banter with the Mukhi Sisters

Maya, Meena and Zeenat are the Mukhi Sisters. Hailing from an Indian-Lebanese heritage and born into the dazzling world of fine jewellery, it doesn't come with any surprise that they developed a love for precious gems and an immaculate eye for design.

Being obsessed over by fashion girls and luxury connoisseurs alike, the sisters draw on their vibrant personalities, urban chic and heritage to create classic, diverse and highly stylish fine jewellery collections to suit a variety of tastes. caught up with the sisters for some chai and banter.

Who or what motivates you?
It depends, for example when I have to go for a jog on a rainy day in London, I start talking to myself and remind myself that it is my body, so my monologue would be: “either you stop complaining and go for that jog or keep eating and become a sack of potato”.  Or when I see people around me working or practicing something, it also gives me motivation and the want of being in that high.
Meena: What motivate me is the daily music I listen to, it’s a type of mediation and a form of relaxation in order for me to start a good day. This is why I keep checking what’s new in the market. As I always say - music is my religion.
Maya: A sunshiny day.

What do you love about work?
One of the things I love is putting the words of a collection into drawing. The ability to translate words into a design.  And also the flexible working hours.
Meena: What I love about my job is being able to transmit the messages or dreams my sisters create to customers around me. Me being able to take them into maya’s and Zeenat’s world. What I love also are the daily challenges I get to face with new customers coming in, introducing them to the Mukhi sisters world.
Maya: That I get to create.

Home is...
where I can leave a mess behind, be untidy…
Meena: Where I can relax and meditate and where I eat well.
Maya: When I am in his arms...


What are you wearing?
Black torn jeans and a white All Saints sweater with a lion open from the shoulders and black Lanvin trainers
Meena: Mama jeans with a white shirt with Chanel ballerinas
Maya: My black kimono dress from @MarvBoutique

What do you collect?
I collect unusual gadgets since forever, for example a survival kit in a tuna can.
Meena: I collect lipsticks. My favourite hobby.
Maya: Hats.

3 people alive or dead that you'd like to have dinner with?
Florence Welch from Florence and the machine, Adele and Queen Elizabeth II.
Meena: I wouldn’t mind gathering P Diddy, Dr Dre, Snoop and Tinie Tempah over Indian or Lebanese food. That’s 4 but whatever.
Maya: Mahatma Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin and James Corden

Favourite item of clothing?
I don’t have any favourite, but what I’m wearing a lot now is my army All Saints pass par tout jacket. Perfect for London weather, it has many pockets and a hoodie - so if it rains I’m always ready.
Meena: I worship my blazers whether from Zara to Isabel Marant and I am a big fan of army jackets I have a least 20.
Maya: This season, my black Barbara Alan pants and vest from @PiaffBoutique


Diamonds or pearls?
Meena: Both actually.
Maya: Diamonds

Who is your girl crush?
Jennifer Lawrence.
Meena: Jennifer Lopez. I'm going to see her perform in Dubai!
Maya: Zoe Kravitz

Your next holiday destination...
Thailand or Bali in December. And living in London makes it easier to go around Europe for the weekends, so I love that we have those best last minute weekend trips.
Meena: London
Maya: Istanbul

Twitter or Instagram?
Meena: Instagram
Maya: Twitter

Who should everyone be following?
@Pakalupapitocamel on Instagram. Funny account I always forward them.
Meena: @TheHomeEdit, very nice account for home organization
Maya: This super cool brand @mukhisisters

It’s brunch, what do you eat?
Scrambled eggs on toast with avocados on the side and pancakes with an almond milk cappuccino
Meena: Pancakes! With organic coffee
Maya: Mankousheh

Biggest fashion faux pas?
Tracksuits, especially the Juicy velour tracksuits.
Meena: Sandals and socks. No!
Maya: Wearing anything that makes you look like a fashion victim

What would your superhero power be?
There is a list but for now I'd say telepathy and teleportation.
Meena: Saving animals.
Maya: Flying


Your most prized possession is...
I’m not the type that gets emotionally attached to anything materialistic. Possession is usually on things… But what we did with Mukhi Sisters would be one of my most prized possessions.
Meena: Building our brand and our names in the market is my biggest possession.
Maya: My dog, Charlie

One beauty product you can't live without?
Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream
Meena: MAC's matte lipstick in Rebel. It's my signature colour.
Maya: Trish McVoys Palette (high-lighter and bronzer)

You've just committed a murder, who would you entrust to help you hide the body?
They prefer staying anonymous and no it’s not my sisters.
Meena: Always anonymous
Maya: Laurel and Hardy

What is one quote/saying that inspires you?
“If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you going to love somebody else?” - RuPaul
Meena: Experience and composure wins.
Maya: Shoot for the moon, land among the stars.

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