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Saudi Radio Personality, Big Hass, Launches New Show To Support Regional Talent

Saudi radio personality Big Hass, known for his contributions to the Arab hip-hop scene, is set to launch a captivating new radio show titled "Catch A Vibe." The show will premiere on Saturday, 10th June 2023, and will be broadcasted on Sharjah's esteemed Pulse 95 radio station.

"Catch A Vibe" aims to spotlight the abundant talent residing within the local and regional music landscape. Hassane Dennaoui, popularly known as Big Hass, emphasizes his commitment to promoting and nurturing artists, musicians, producers, and music personalities based in the region. With over 15 years of experience dedicated to supporting regional talent, Big Hass has earned a reputation as a steadfast advocate.

While Big Hass's long-standing Saudi radio show, "Laish Hip-Hop?," focuses primarily on Arabic hip-hop, his new venture provides a unique opportunity to connect with artists on a more personal level. Each week, Big Hass will welcome a guest into the studio, engaging in profound conversations about their artistic journey. These dialogues will explore the challenges faced, sources of inspiration, and the creative process behind their music.

Big Hass explained his intentions, stating, "I want to uncover the humanity behind the artist and delve into aspects rarely addressed on the airwaves. Engaging in in-depth conversations allows us to understand why they embarked on their musical path. What narratives are hidden within their songs and albums? Moreover, it's intriguing to uncover the hurdles they face—some may find support from their families, while others will overcome doubts independently."

The region boasts an immensely diverse array of artists, making it a captivating space to explore. Big Hass is excited to unveil the remarkable diversity through his show, envisioning an impressive tapestry of talent after reaching the milestone of 100 episodes.

The show's format includes conversations with both rising stars and seasoned veterans. For artists who have already released their own music, their tracks will be featured during the show. Simultaneously, Big Hass aims to provide a platform for artists who are yet to release their original work, allowing them to discuss their aspirations and ignite excitement among listeners.

The inaugural guest on "Catch A Vibe" is the exceptionally gifted Syrian singer-songwriter and producer, Ghaliaa Chaker, currently based in the UAE. Ghaliaa's authenticity and outstanding talent have garnered significant attention across the region. Big Hass acknowledges her incredible artistry, describing her as one of the most talented individuals in the UAE music scene.

Reflecting on his aspirations for the show, Big Hass emphasizes his desire to create a safe haven for artists to freely express themselves. Furthermore, he hopes that the platform will contribute to expanding the reach of regional talent beyond borders, allowing them to thrive not only within the region but also on a global scale. Big Hass firmly believes that supporting regional talent is a duty that must be fulfilled.

With the launch of "Catch A Vibe," Big Hass embarks on a new chapter of his radio career, armed with the determination to amplify the voices of local and regional artists. As the show unfolds, listeners can anticipate an immersive experience, delving into the stories, inspirations, and aspirations that shape the rich tapestry of musical talent in the Arab world.

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